How to Shop at Walmart


Shopping at Walmart is an activity that can cause mixed feelings.  One minute you can be excited about the deals you are finding and the next, well, the next can be filled with a bit of frustration.  However,  in general shopping at Walmart is a very straightforward process (for the most part).

These are the terms you need to become familiar with when shopping at Walmart:

  • Roll Back:  It’s a temporary sale price offered on a particular item.
  • Price Match:  Walmart price matches competitors ads.  You must bring with you the whole competitor’s ad, although some stores keep them by the registers.

How to get free stuff at Walmart

1)  Pretty much the only way to get free stuff at Walmart is by combining a roll back or  everyday low price price a manufacturer coupon or mail in rebate.

Things to Remember When Shopping at Walmart

1)  Don’t let cashiers or Assistant Managers tell you that Walmart doesn’t accept internet coupons.  Accepting internet coupons is part of  Walmart’s Corporate Coupon Policy.  Print this coupon policy and bring with you to help your shopping experience.

3)  You can use up to $40 worth of coupons at a regular check out without requiting manager approval (at self checkout this goes down to $20).  After manager approval you can use as many coupons as you want.

4)  Before you leave the store make sure to check your receipt to verify that coupon discounts you expected were applied.  It is easier to correct situations right after you complete the transaction than later.

Walmart FAQ

  • Why do prices on items vary from store to store?

According to the Walmart website “Prices may vary from store to store because each store is required to manage its own inventory. Therefore, a manager may lower a price to clear out an overstock item, to reward customers with an in-store sale, or to compete with local merchants. It is not our policy to price match our own stores or our online service since we are not in competition with ourselves.”

  • My cashier wouldn’t let me us a manufacturer coupon because the value of the coupon was higher than the value of the item.

I have been there and done that not once but twice.  While Walmart has an official coupon policy this matter is not directly addressed in it.  My best advice is to contact Walmart Corporate and explain the situation.  In my experience Walmart Corporate will call the store manager and explain the protocol they need to follow.  In general, this means that the value of the coupon will be adjusted down at the register resulting in getting the item free

  • I had a horrible shopping experience, what do I do?

Your best course of action is to call Walmart’s Customer Service at (800-WAL-MART) and calmly explain what happened.  In my experience your call will be followed up with a call from a local management.

  • Does Walmart Price Match competitor’s Prices?

As mentioned before Walmart does match competitor’s prices.  Make sure to check the detail of Walmart Price Match Policy here.

  • Does Walmart double coupons?

Walmart does not double coupons.

What are your tips for making shopping at Walmart a smooth experience?  Or what feedback would you provide to improve the shopping experience there?

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  • Samantha

    Before I buy anything at Walmart I compare it to other stores in the area becuase around where I live a lot of times they aren’t really the cheapest. And if I see something is on roll back I check to see what the regular price is (at my store they usually leave that sign right underneath the roll back price) and I find that a lot of times it is the same and they haven’t given me a discount. A lot of people spend more money at Walmart just because it has the reputation of a cheap store and they trust them. Know your buy prices though when you go there.

    • dreama

      I was so disappointed when I went shopping at WalMart and found out the prices at this store is more expensive then expected. I spent hours getting coupons for the items listed here that was not a deal after all. I did not find many good deals except for the cascade. I got 3 tablets for $1 which was free with my coupon. I really wanted the Olay. Was this a trial size and where was it?
      I live in a small town and it seems Safeway works better because they double and have had some good deals lately.

  • Ashley F

    I totally agree with Samantha, while necessity items like milk and bread are generally cheaper at Walmart I find many convenience and brand name items are more expensive.

    • Charlene

      I know in my area things like Milk and bread or cheapest at Big Lot and Dollar General and are always fresh. Evengline Maid bread at Big Lots is $1.20 for a big loaf where at Wal Mart it can be upwards of $2.50 for the same loaf.

    • Becky

      All of our local Walgreens have a gallon of Mayfield’s milk for $4.99. Same item costs around $6.59 at Walmart! And you never find a coupon for this item so show your AARP card for a senior discount and use your Walgreens rewards card to really save.

      • Kimberly

        Wow that’s really expensive for milk. I could never afford that. I usually shop at Walmart but i also go to Aldi’s. Our milk is 2.67 at Walmart for 2 percent and about 2.37 at Aldi’s. But our Aldi’s and Super Walmart are in 2 different directions from where I live. Really sucks. I also bring in competitor ads to walmart. I can get some pretty good offers then running all around to each store but yes i do compare prices first. Usually all the other stores are expensive. I wish they would do the buy one get one free ads from like Walgreens though. That would make it so much better!

  • Ginny

    I agree. Just last night. My hubby and I were saying we use to think Walmart was cheap and now with coupons I know different:O)

  • Marie

    I’ve been shopping at Walmart for some time now, and it’s only in the past month where I have run into problems. First they wouldn’t take my coupons, and then last time, I was told that they do not price match any other Walmart store or local Competitor…..

    It may be a while before I decide to go back again.


      well marie,
      i do know that walmart does price match…..and if you have any compliants with them….just call or complain the website… bends over backward to please the customers….its because of you that i have a job……..and the customer is always right…..or thats the way it is at my store……i do the walmart price match… coupons….plus my discount……i always walk away saving tons of money…….

      • dreama

        Does that mean they do the price match and coupon together?

      • Carolynne

        Walmart doesn’t even come close to caring about their customers anymore. The only time they bend over backwards is when a complaint is lodged. Then they want to be seen as the good guys. Most people in my town know this so the game is to try to get something they know good and well is expensive, say it is cheaper somewhere else and they get it cheaper after yelling a lot. It is such a scam but I laugh. Our Walmart doesn’t care about anything but themselves.

  • Amy

    I have started to write down prices on items I put into my cart. It seems on every shopping trip, I am charged more than the shelf price on at least one item. My store does not put price labels on any items, so if the price is different at the register, they either have to take my word for it, or go look it up themselves. I have no problem holding up the line to make them verify a price and adjust it rather than wait in line at customer service.

    I, too, had received the comment that they do not accept internet coupons. One cashier actually had the audacity to tell me they can only accept them if they are printed in color. LOL! One call to corporate cleared that up with a follow up call from the store manager apologizing.

  • JLR

    Walmart won’t price match their own online prices. My Walmart has one particular cashier who won’t accept a coupon if the photo isn’t the same as the product I bought, even if the coupon says “any variety.” I don’t argue. I just buy it somewhere else.

  • kristi

    wow…sorry to hear all the troubles…i have never had problems (texas), my stores policy on printable coupons is if the register beeps they cant accept it (even though at times the cashiers have overridden the coupon) i always have a list and ads to match up (i do this at home) i always watch or check my receipt…i did get home one time and they overcharged me, i just called customer service and they said just bring in my receipt and they would credit me back, so i had my husband do it after work the next day…my stores prices are the lowest (i have had krogers beat some prices when they triple or double AND are having a sale) i usually buy the same items so i know when it is a good deal or not! i go alone when i shop…less distractions, but i do have to say that it seems walmart has some time warping going on…seems it doesnt matter if i have 10 items or 100…i am always in there at least an hour!!! (maybe its b/c im not w/kids 😉

  • Nina

    To this statement: “Don’t let cashiers or Assistant Managers tell you that Walmart doesn’t accept internet coupons. Accepting internet coupons is part of Walmart’s Corporate Coupon Policy. Print this coupon policy and bring with you to help your shopping experience.” Actually that is not true, it is up to the Store manager to decide what coupons and what $ amount on printable coupons they will accept.

    I had an issue at a PA store and corporate explained that the store manager sets coupon policies for their employees to follow. And that the highest manager in the store at that time has the last say in if they will accept the internet printable. After speaking to the assistant manager and the store manager, they informed me a few ladies were using multiple photo copied coupons and they ruined the coupon policy for that store. They do not have to be in color but if they look at all “funny” they do not have to accept them and they do not accept any IP’s over $2. Its a shame a few bad apples ruined things for everyone, but I see their logic behind it. If It was my store and I was loosing large amounts of money on fake and fraud coupons, I would ban them as well.

    Anyways, I think it is important to keep these situations in mind before anyone stands in the store demanding the cashier do something they are not allowed to do. Corporate policies do not over ride store policies. Maybe the post should be changed so it is not giving out false info…

    • JLR

      “they informed me a few ladies were using multiple photo copied coupons and they ruined the coupon policy for that store.”

      It’s unfortunate that people do that and ruin it for everyone. I have a family member that works in a grocery store. Some customers come in with stacks of coupons for the same item. The story that made me laugh was about the woman who bought 30+ Hershey’s bars because they were on sale and she had coupons. One is a treat, but 30?

      • jackie113

        I find it funny that someone on a couponing site would think it is funny that someone bought 30 candy bars with coupons. This is my first visit here, so I may be wrong, but it doesn’t seem to be the kind of hard-core couponing site I’m used to.

        • jojo999

          jackie – i am new here too. i am looking for the hardcore coupon sites. not illegal, ruin it for others types, of course, but i like to get my grocery bills cut down to 45.00 or less for a whole cartload. who do you like? thanks for any input!

          • Hi JoJo

            Welcome to my site. I blog for anyone who wants to save money. But most of my readers don’t walk around with of the same coupons at one time. Most of the deals I share are for bargain finds. I have been doing this for more than two years and am a walking price book. So I can tell you when something is a good deal and when something isn’t based on this experience.


      • Brenda

        What I find funny is in 5 seconds I could think of at least 5 situations why she may be buying 30 candy bars, but this person couldnt, which makes me sad. Quit judging people and thinking you are so awesome. You do not know her situation and reason for 30. It is none of your business why she is buying 30 bars. More power to her!

        I realize this comment is 4 years old, but I am hoping it will reach anyone else reading this in future with same feeble thinking process so world can be a better place. The judgement there is exactly what is wrong with USA and a lot of world.

        Here is a quick list of some reasons:

        She could have camping trip with girl scouts (SMORES!)
        She could be visiting local children’s ward in hospital.
        She could be giving to her church group.
        She could be having a wedding and making gifts with them. (candy bar at wedding?)
        She could be doing baby shower favors of some sort.
        She could be making a recipe for bake sale or just because for party requiring chocolate.
        She maybe couldnt find amount needed for making chocolate sculpture.
        She could own restaurant or bakery and needed chocolate for some reason because hers did not come on the truck.
        She could be melting in fondue pot or in chocolate fountain thinned out with other ingredient.
        She could be storing in freezer for Halloween or Easter or Christmas.
        She could have an eating disorder and binge on chocolate.
        She could be a teacher and giving to students.
        Since you didnt say what kind, she could be buying for breast milk supply increase. I used this method to increase milk supply for a while.
        She could be using it as bribes for neighborhood kids to stay off her lawn lol.
        She could be making candy gift baskets.
        Maybe shes traveling on RV with her family camping different places in USA.
        Making she is hiking and uses them as fuel.
        maybe she is chopping them up and making trail mix bags.
        Maybe shes in military or her relative is and they give to troops during training or combat time.

        Point is…I just thought of all those yet you assumed she only is eating them herself and judged her…Even if she WAS, it is none of your business. Quit hating! Mind your own business!

        To everyone else keep on couponing 😉 and saving money!

  • I have no problem having them call a manager over if there is a question over a coupon. I try to write the prices down on the coupons for my freebies to make it easier on the cashier. Some cashiers are fine with it some get irritated and write over my price the amount I had already worte.
    Some cashiers get mad that I have coupons but most have fun watching me get so much for free or cheap. I have had one cashier actually get pretty angry at me for using so many coupons. I had to just laugh and ask her if it was coming out of her pocket.
    Oh best advise for shopping at Walmart or any store?? NO KIDS! I try and go when hubby is at work and kids in school around 0 to 10 AM is the best time here.
    I also found out that it is much easier to have my coupons in order and stacked nicely in a pile and to remember to smile and be courteous at all times.
    I am weird I find it funny when they get mad it just amuses me and I get a kick out of it. Give a big smile and wish them a very blessed day!

    • Ti

      I think this is a very good way to handle them. I have found that the ‘policy’ changes with each cashier and actually have instituted a moratorium on shopping @ Walmart in my house after being treated like a criminal because I had the audacity to ad match. The cashier wouldn’t ad match an item because the ad said ‘selected varieties’ and only showed one version of the product I was attemptint to buy – instead of being cool headed about it and requesting that she call a manager over, I just had her put it all back. I think that having a more easy going attitude and being willing to hold up the line until you get treated like a customer and not a criminal is key. In my case, several grocery stores are within a 3 mile radius and the difference between actually going to the store (and getting double coupons) and WalMart’s treatment of me has been night and day.

      I will again tackle the beast so to speak and I think keeping in mind your advice will help immensely.

    • Barbara

      What are they getting mad about? Aren’t they getting paid to stand there and scan things, whether it be merchandise or coupons, what difference does it make? How weird that they get “mad”.

  • Donna

    I had trouble getting WalMart to price-match a DVD set advertised at Best Buy because they have a loyalty card, even though the price was for everyone, not just those with loyalty cards. I tried twice on two separate days to get it price-matched to save me a long trip to Best Buy. But no deal. They were wary about the wording of the ad and didn’t want to get in trouble. I finally decided to make the trip to Best Buy and they were OUT of it! Then I found out that Target price-matches also, so I finally got it there. It was an entire season DVD set that normally sells for $50, and I got it for $20. It’s really discouraged my desire to price-match at WalMart. It’s already such a hassle going there, and experiences like this just make it worse. I really dread going there these days, and I used to shop there every single day.

  • Angela

    What bugs me about Walmart is that you never know what sort of cashier you will get and there are two options: The ones who love that you get to save money and gladly do their job and take your coupons. Then there are the ones that treat you like a criminal for trying to use coupons and are skeptic about everything. I took some internet coupons with me to Walmart this morning and because they were in black and white the cashier kept accusing me of making copies. I told her that is fraud and I wouldn’t do that. I will NEVER EVER shop at Walmart again. The hassle just isn’t worth it.

    • vidya

      Wow, I just came back home from Walmart today in a huff! Glad to have stumbled upon this site, to vent it out..I was totally shocked when the cashier today insisted that I didn’t put out stuff for checkout and was trying to use coupons on products I hadn’t purchased! She wouldn’t look in my bags or on the computer to check if I had purchased the product..I said I didn’t have it in the cart and that I had bought those things..Finally, I checked out without the coupon, only to find those items listed at the very beginning of the receipt! She was neither apologetic, nor the least bit embarrassed of her mistake, not to mention, treating me like a thief! I wrote to their customer service department, yet to hear from them…But, I need to shop there for low prices on milk, theirs is the lowest in my area 🙁

      • Kat

        Call corporate and complain! They are a large company for a reason…US (customers)! At our store, we WAIT, WAIT, WAIT in line, no matter what time of day or night! When I asked a RX tech, she said that “no one wants to work here.” Great! Sometimes, if I can’t get the jewelry or RX counter to ring me up, I leave my stuff.

  • Michele

    I had problems today and called corp. The person said she sends my info to higher up managers and they contact me back. I think I will start shopping at Target where they have no problems adjusting coupons down and I have that in writing.

  • Janet

    Walmart is getting awful with prices and coupons. The roll backs are not true rollbacks, the way they treat you as a criminal because you want to use a coupon. I say let them keep thier stock, AMERICA LET US ALL PULL TOGETHER !!!!! The only thing Walmart is good for is the Walton family. Let’s put our families first and quit buying items at Walmart. Target gives back to the community and they do manufacture coupon and Target coupon and they are nice about it!

    • Cindy

      When someone earlier said the roll back price was the regular price, the shelf label had most likely been changed to show the rollback price. It may not be a huge amount, but rollbacks are lower. As for “Target gives back to the community”, Walmart does as well. In several ways, Walmart gives. They are one of the leading contributors to Children’s Miracle Network. The monies raised for CMN goes to the hospital/facility near where it was raised. Their associates are invovled in volunteering in programs and Walmart donates to those programs. They also have scholarship programs for associates and their children. There are lots of ways that Walmart gives back to its communities. I am sure Target does so as well.

      As far as coupons and ad-matching, it pays to be patient and know your stuff. I always have the ad with me, with the item circled. I stack my coupons in order that I put the items on the belt. and I pre-fill any “free” amount. I am also selective about which cashier I choose. There is one at my local store that ALWAYS hassles me over coupons. I don’t purchase any more than a regular household. I bought three packages of lunch meat and I had three coupons. She told me only one coupon allowed. I explained to her, this coupon is for this package, this for This package, and this last coupon for the last package. See, one coupon per package. She had to go check. She walked off. I stood patiently and waited for her return. Amazing! I could use 3 coupons because I had three packages! I try not to go through her line, but invariablky, a cashier change happens and she seems to be the one replacing the one going on break. I continue to smile and have patience because I know, in the end, I will get the good deal tht I came to the store to get.

      If there is a real issue with a cashier being outright rude, don’t hesitate to talk to a CSM (immediate suprervisor). If , like me, end up with the same cashier again, and s/he is rude again, ask to speak to a member of management, the zone manager over the front end. See if that helps inprove your shopping experiencve. If you have addressed issues to store management, then call 800 wal-mart. You will be contacted by the store management then.

      Sorry about writing a book on here, lots to say!

    • Kat

      Be careful of your credit cards at Target. With the recent scandal of someone stealing cc info, I always pay in cash there!

      • Brenda

        I stopped grocery shopping at Target simply over the years I had them lock up my bank account 3 times and two of them were on a Sunday where I couldnt reach my banks customer service to unlock due to fraud policy and thought someone stole my card due to high amount. It just was too much a nuisance. I only do small amounts OR shop there on weekdays to be able to call customer serivce or I am out of money for days.

  • nicole butt

    I find it ironic that a number of you are frustrated with Walmart and praise Target. For me it’s just the opposite! 🙂 I am so frustrated with Target acting like I’m a criminal when I use coupons- especially if I use a target coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon… nevermind the fact that the tags they put on the shelves to highlight “sale” prices are almost never positioned by the actual product for sale, but rather other products of the same brand (happens in health and beauty constantly). I’ve given up shopping at target with coupons- my only exception is DVD’s- it’s the only thing that I don’t seem to have a problem with.

    • jojo999

      target’s return policy is terrible too!

      • Rocky

        Target’s return policy is not awful… and I should know. I used to be the person working the Customer Service desk. If you pick up an actual copy of their return policy and one from Wal-Mart, you will find they are exactly the same. For the most part, if you return an item within the allotted time, you are fine. Forget your receipt? If you paid with a check, debit, or credit card, they can find it so long as it has not been over 90 days since your purchase. They will NOT take back items that have clearly been used – such as the woman who tried to bring back a vacuum cleaner that was full of dirt and trash because she burnt out the motor trying to vacuum up leaves. Then proceeded to curse me out because I would not take it back. If someone was reasonable, I always tried my best for them. Sometimes even going so far as to replacing the item for them with a new one. So don’t claim that it’s terrible without reading the whole policy.

  • lisa

    I have a question for you. I read on a different web site about a lady that gets her groceries mostly free my finding coupons that provide overage. She then buys hundreds of the coupons and gets her meat , dairy and etc. with overage. She said she has the manager call coporate if they balk over giving the overage. Do you think this works at all Walmarts? I wonder if lots of people did this would Walmart put limits on the number of coupons we could use each trip? I guess this is more than one question.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I think the whole thing is that Walmart gets reimbursed for the full value of the coupon. I don’t think this info is official from Walmart. but I know one time I called the Customer Service rep wouldn’t come out and say that they could adjust the value of the coupon down. My advice would be for you to call Walmart and ask what is their policy when the value of the coupon is higher than the value of the item. Mention you have not been able to use your coupons at Walmart because the cashier have refused to accept them for this reason.

      Even of this happened very often and people did it in mass amounts, Walmart is not out of any money. They are still getting reimbursed for the face value of the coupon.


      • miler92j

        My walmart will reduce the face value of the coupon i.e. coupon reads $5.00 of tylenol buy the tylenol is only $3.00 the cashier reduces the face value down to $3… I don’t get the overage BUT when walmart gets the refund for the coupon they GET the entire face value of $5….. sounds like they are scamming the coupon company…… If they want to “do for their community” why not let the overage go thru and “give $2 to the person in their community”……

        • Kat

          You said it! Their coupon policy clearly states that they give overages. So, those of us who spend hours calculating the best deals should reap the benefits…as stated by their own company. Yes, their actions sound suspicious. The cashier gets paid the same whether scanning items or coupons. Why do some hate to see other be successful by legal means? Are they just lazy not to do it themselves? I think so…

  • Dawn

    Back to the comment about buying 30 hersheys bars with coupons. I would have no problem at all doing something like this. You can freeze those and use them for school parties or whatever you need. I find it hard to believe anyone would think that was funny who is a really interested in coupons and saving money. I am new to this site, maybe its not the right one for me either.

    • Brenda

      I thought same thing and glad some of us have half a brain without judgement. I actually found this site not for couponing but by googling why prices of walmart do not match specially on sales and clearance items.

  • Beth

    One other thing to watch out for at Walmart is their so-called rollbacks. I have seen items that are considerably cheaper than the “was” price but are still in the price range of other stores or other similar items, so you know the “was” price is phony. This happens a lot in the clothing dept.

  • CAtherine

    Thank you for this information. It’s very good.

    I went to Walmart today and was treated rudely by a cashier who proclaimed “We don’t accept internet coupons !!” She would not accept my coupon which was printed off the Johnson and Johnson website.

    I did email from the site to complain and received this response:

    Thank you for your message.

    Dear Catherine,

    Walmart Stores can accept coupons that are available on the internet for customers to print from their home computers. The following are guidelines for the stores for accepting internet coupons:

    – The coupon should be legible and say “Manufacturer Coupon”. There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer, to ensure the coupon can be processed for payment.
    – The coupon should have a scan-able bar code.
    – The coupon should have an expiration date.
    – The coupon cannot be a photocopy.
    – The limit is one coupon per item, per Customer.
    – A Salaried Manager can refuse to accept a coupon if it does not meet any or all of these guidelines.

    Walmart Customer Care

    For further correspondence regarding this issue, please reply to this email.


  • Jennifer

    I have recently had a very hard time at walmart. To make matters worst the people that where standing in line where going on about how I was rude. The cashier kept going on about how many coupons I had. There was a mixture of internet and newspaper coupons. The manager came over and was just as rude!! I had my children with me. Needless to say I was the one almost in tears. I will never go there again. Target is right across the street!!!

  • debra dallai

    Yes, we have a new Walmart practically across the street from us and I have had lots of problems using coupons and thier pricing and the cashiers and managers ARE RUDE !!!
    I dread going…and usually end not going….Liking the Target more and mora next door!!!

  • Helen

    Ever since I have started couponing I have avoided Wal-Mart unless there is something there that I CANNOT get any where else…or i Know is cheaper at Wal-Mart. I have a knack for remembering numbers and can look at something and know how much it costs at Wal-Mart. My Wal-Mart doesn’t ad match worth a hoot anymore because all of the stores in my town have loyalty card and the ads all say “with card” but that’s okay with me I’d rather give my money to Dillons or my local supermarket. The only problem with my area is that we don’t have a lot of stores. We have Wal-Mart Dillons Ron’s IGA and Walgreens and that’s it. I feel like a lot of my prices are higher because of the lack of competition! As far as clothing goes I have found that I can buy clothes cheaper at JC Pennys than at Wal-Mart. Last summer I bought both of my boys complete sets of school clothes for $130.00 at Pennys! Needless to say shopping at Wal-Mart is a pain in the rear and if you watch the sales and use your coupons you can get almost everything cheaper at other stores!

  • Brenda

    I had an issue at a Wal Mart yesterday that I have not seen here (nor anywhere else). I had a lot of coupons and the scanner started refusing them after about 15 coupons. The cashier printed out the duplicate receipt and was having a hard time finding all the items that matched my coupons. Finally, she went and got me another cart and I had to pull the items out of each bag and show the items to her and a CSM who had came by. I had all the matching items for each coupon but I was made to feel like a thief by the cashier and the CSM. I could hear people behind me in the checkout line saying that I was trying to use coupons that I did not purchase the item to match. HOGWASH!!!! I had all the items that matched the coupons. I was in that checkout line almost an hour and the way I see it is that my time is just as valuable as Wal Mart’s is. From now on, I will just pay the few cents extra at Kroger and Kmart to avoid this ever happening again. The Wal Mart prices have increased so much that I probably will not even notice the difference in my budget. As for the coupons for the candy bars, I wish I had them and believe me when I state that I would use everyone of them!!

  • davids

    I love to shopping at walmart.

  • brandi

    I was just told last night that wal-mart will not accept my internet coupons. I will be making a call to corporate. As far as the coupons for candy bars….how much hard-core would you like it? If I have 15 coupons for the same thing, you better believe I am going to use everyone of them. Even if i have to make a few trips. That is called stockpiling, and I am all for it!

  • CAmom75

    Fortunately I’ve had decent luck with Wal Mart, though I try not to shop there too often, and don’t have one close by. I do most of my shopping is done at CVS, Rite Aid, and Safeway.

    The only time I had a cashier there really tick me off, is when I was shopping with my little brother. He wanted Kraft Salad Dressing, and I happened to have a bunch of the coupons for $1.50 off, and they were on sale for $1.58. The cashier handed it back to him, becuase he was buying a flavor other than what was pictured, and he did’t want to hassle with her.

    But fortunately, the Super Wal Mart near the hospital we go to, is really great. The other day, my purchase went from about $75, down to $45. THAT helps!

  • pennyscents

    Does Wal Mart have a price adjustment policy? Like, if you buy something & it goes on sale within the next 14days, you can just bring in your receipt & have whatever price you paid matched to the current sale.

    I have also followed your links to their coupon policy. I can pull up the policies when I follow your link, but if I put “walmart coupon policy” in the search engine on the walmart site that I am taken to from your link, it does not come up. I was just trying to pull up a price adjustment policy there & I couldn’t get anything. I decided to try searching, “coupon policy” and “price match policy” to see if that would lead me in the right direction, but like I said, nothing came up. Why is that?

    • Kat

      Try It’s excellent, too!

  • Rhonda Hall

    I wish I had the 30 Hershey’s candy bar coupons, what a great stocking stuffer and also a treat for the mailman, garbage collector, neighbors ect… with their Christmas card..Whiole I can’t tip everyone I always buy a card and let them know they are appreciated and a treat would be great….
    why not use the coupon because they are just pennies or free…give me free anyday…
    so far, knock on wood, our Wal-mart and Kroger’s are great about coupons…

  • Jennifer Hall

    Wal-mart does have a 14 day price adjustment policy. In my experience it is not used all that often, so there may be associates not aware of it.

  • Vicky

    Pretty over whelming frankly, never did get the Aunt Jam free panckakes even though I read the info and watched the video several times, oh well. I did get my Blue Bunny Ice Cream so I will eat the ice cream and feel better. It makes me hesitate that the last posting her was January.


  • Roxanne

    Im new to the whole coupon thing and am looking despertly for some good places to get some so I can get started, some of the manufactures that we use a lot I have contacted directly and they are sending me coupons, For a long time now I only buy what is on sale at our local grocery store and use my in store rewards card and have saved quite a bit how ever now that Im learing about saving even more Im really excited!!!!!! Any tips,webs sites to get coupons that anyon wants to share would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    As far as all the comments about Walmart, stick to your guns and gets them deals they are sooo afraid of law suites that they will do anything to make the customer happy ~

    • Kat They do policies, price/coupon matchups, etc. Also, check for rebates and ebates! This is a fun hobby. I love it!

  • Folks, I have news for you. With the Explosion recently in the use of manufactures coupons…..this being pushed by cable network shows like “Extreme Couponing” on The Learning Channel. I need to prepare you for what is coming. These shows feature people who go into the store, buy 6 buggy loads of items that ring up for $289.00….they dump a gillion coupons on the checkout belt and end up paying $2.98, and everybody is happy, right? We are beginning to see more merchants tighten up their coupon acceptance policy, and it will get worse. Being retired after over 40 years in the retail business, (don’t be offended), looking at it from the store mgr’s side. Coupons slow down the checkout process, the cashiers items per hour ringups go down. The store then has to gather these coupons, pack them up and mail them in to the coupon clearing houses for credit. AND, perhaps the worst part, a few people are abusing the system….a fradulant coupon is a dead loss for the store. The more abuse…the more the stores crack down on the coupons……yes, the honest suffer. I expect down the road most stores will not accept print at home coupons, and accept original only manufactures coupons, and we will see an end to “double, or triple” coupons. The store gets only the face value of the coupon….THEY have to pay the rest out of their pocket…..with the economy like it is, they are under more pressure to increase profits. In short, enjoy it while you can. Hey, I am on your side, I , in fact coupon a lot, I am just giving you my take on the future. Happy Shopping!!

  • Jlarmor

    First off, let me say I am a very loyal Wal-Mart shopper. Yes, I realize that some people can save tons of money shopping at Publix or Kroger, but those people are generally people that cook! I don’t cook. My family eats microwavable food, skillet dinners, and things that heat up quickly. I am a full-time worker and a full-time mom to two boys. I don’t have time to cook a meal when I get home. That being said, I would like to shed a little light on shopping at Wal-Mart. THEY HAVE A NEW COUPON POLICY!!! It clearly states what they will and will not accept. Also, they are very clear on what they will and will not price match. It even comes with pictures. Keep in mind, when corporate makes a new policy, it sometimes takes a while for each store to get the info. Just print out the policy and take it with you. IP coupons ARE accepted, as long as they don’t beep. I can’t blame them there, too many people using fraudulent coupons. But, they no longer adjust a coupon price. You can actually get money back. Yes, COLD HARD CASH BACK, in your hands. I have had it happen on 2 occasions, recently.

    I have had good cashiers, who like to see me save money, and bad cashiers who want to question everything. I just hold up the line and make them follow their own policy. I feel that I am very courteous about my shopping there. I put all of my comps (price matched items) in the front and all non-comped items in the back. Free or B1G1 free items will have the coupon laid on top of the item, thus the cashier can immediately write in the price. All of my prices are on a spreadsheet, but I also carry my ads with me. I even bag my own groceries, but that is more for me than for them. So, if they try to give me a hard time, it’s “call a manager” for me. If that doesn’t get the required response, I have been known to call corporate right there in the middle of the line.

    Here’s a tip, find you a good cashier, or 3, and stick with them. They will learn your name, your preferences, and be ready for you when you go through their line.

    • I agree with you 100%, you got it all right. I worked at WM for over 10 yrs., 2 1/2 as cashier. If you have trouble with coupons discuss with CSM or management….and I guarantee you they will meet you more than half way. I have learned over the years that most people who “hate” or have bad problems with Wal Mart……it is not the companies fault, the customer most likely has an attitude problem. I also learned as an associate at WM, if I am courteous to the customer, and LISTEN to them, most all will reason with you.
      Have a great day!

  • My Walmart does not allow me to use B1G1 coupons with another coupon on the same item.
    Can anyone tell me how to explain to them that the B1G1 coupon is for 1 item and the $1 off coupon is for the second item. They tell me it is the same transaction and they do not permit more than one coupon per transaction. I have checked their coupon policy and this matter is not addressed. Please help.

    • Beth

      I have (for the past year or so) used multiple coupons in the same transaction. For instance, last week I had a B1G1 on body wash, and a $2.00 off 1 coupon for same brand. I was able to use both of them at the same time. I generally have a decent experience at Walmart with ad matching and with coupons, however the last time I was there, the cashier wanted to compare every item I price matched with the ad. I was in the check out lane for over 1 hour. It was ridiculous! I understand that they have a job to do, and they need to ensure they are matching the correct item. With that said though, I would think that they could check the first several items and if everything matches up correctly, just spot through the remaining order. The customers behind me were complaining the whole time, talking about how ridiculous I was being to price match and use coupons. Well, it’s their loss, if they want to throw their money away!

  • Crissy

    I’m new at couponing so not sure of some of the nuances and have a question. I wanted to get in on the Clean & Clear body wash BOGO sale & coupon combo last week at Walgreens. Obviously, all the Walgreens were out of it, so was hoping to get Wal-Mart to price match the BOGO sale and honor a BOGO coupon. They wouldn’t go for it. Does anyone know if it is Wal-Mart’s policy to either do a price match OR a coupon but not both for the same product? Or was it just because it was a combination of 2 BOGO’s??
    Thanks for your help!

    • pennyscents

      WM has in their policy that they do not price match bogo sales from other stores. The logic is that they have know way of knowing what the price on the “buy one” is at another store. In this case it said buy one @ $5.99, get one free right in the ad. That would’ve required somebody to think outside the box, though. I have learned that for some reason a lot of ppl just can’t do that.

    • pennyscents

      I decided to take a second look at WM’s new price match guarantee policy since I knew that they did change a lot of things. Their old policy did say that they do not match bogo sales in an ad. Again, b/c they have no way of knowing what the other store has them priced at. They could be buy one for $10.00, get one free at another store, but WM already has them for $8.00. In that case it wouldn’t end up being a fair comparison.

      WM did change their policy to say that they DO price match bogo sales in other stores sale ads as long as the competitors ad lists the buy one price.

      Below is a copy & paste directly from their PM Guarantee policy that can be found on their corporate website. (

      We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

      Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
      Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)

      I would print it out & take it to the store with you.

  • I would like to clear up the misunderstanding of a few recent comments regarding Wal Mart matching other stores specials or ads. I am a former associate at WM with 11 yrs. service. First: WAL MART DOES NOT, REPEAT; DOES NOT MATCH BUY ONE GET ONE FREE DEALS….Period. NaDa, No.
    Also they do not match “percent off” deals, like some stores will advertise ground beef at 40% off. They call these “gimmick promotions” and will not honor such. And another thing: they are running TV ads about “match it”….they will match any competitors price. They will: but a word of warning: At our store you have to take the ad with you and show the cashier….they will not take your word that Merchant XYZ has this detergent on sale at such and such a price. It was such a hassle, I just quit doing it. Also WM does a poor job of training their cashiers on coupon policy. That is why some cashiers will take certain coupons….others will not. A suggestion: print out a copy of Wal Marts coupon policy off their website and take it to the store with you……this has saved me many an hour of arguements and hassles with cashiers and customer service managers. It is difficult for them to agrue with the companies WRITTEN POLICY from the home office. Hope this has helped some of you at Wally World. Happy Shopping!!

    • pennyscents

      Actually WM does/is supposed to do a # of these things now.

      I am surprised by the, “we do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.”

      Any thoughts on my comment ^above ^ Mercedes?????

      This & more can be found on WM’s corporate website.

      Our Ad Match Guarantee

      We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.

      We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

      Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
      Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
      Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price.
      Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.
      For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

      *The following are guidelines and limitations:

      We will match any local competitor’s advertised price.
      We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.
      Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

      • Hi penny,
        Yes, Walmart recently changed their Price Match policy to say that they did not require customers to have the ad. My advice is to ALWAYS have the ad with you. While Walmart may have the best intentions at heart, I also know that they are such a huge organizations that information like this takes time to trickle down to the cashier level.
        To avoid any hassles, always have the ad with you.


    • rachel

      the website policy says they DO price match ‘buy one get one free’ as long as the price of the item is stated.

  • Crissy

    I had read the policy before I went to Wal-Mart, which is why I didn’t bring the ad with me. It was my understanding that the cashiers were supposed to have the ads at their register. When the cashier walked off to check with a CSM, they came back with the ad in hand. The ad did have the specific price of $5.99. They were willing to match that price with the BOGO sale, but were NOT willing to apply the coupon as well. It was one or the other. My question was does anyone know what the policy is in this instance because to me, it wasn’t clear.

  • Penny

    The WM coupon policy I have, which is pretty new, says that they will accept coupons for more than the item costs and that overage will be applied to total transaction price. There policy states they will NOT accept printable coupons for free items, but my local WM let me use two of them just this week (I checked with the manager before using them). In my experience, they don’t train employees very well on their coupon policy.

  • kristi

    I hate Wal-Mart. There is always some excuse why they won’t take a coupon. Unfortanely, we have no other major grocery store around here. I have printed the Coupon Policy and the Ad Match Policy to take with me this time. Maybe it will be durable.

  • anna

    I just got a month of FREE groceries from Walmart by joining this page

  • Carrie

    I tried to do the V8 juice deal at my WalMart with using 1 B2G1 free and then 2 $1.50 off 1 coupons to on the 2 I was buying to get 3 total V8s. I was told that using the 2 $1.50 off coupons wouldn’t work because the B2G1 was already used on them and that would be trying to use 2 coupons for 1 item. Is this correct? Should she have scanned in the $1.50 off q’s first then scanned the B2G1 second? Or is this not allowed anymore, using 1 man. q in conjunction with man. B2G1 or B1G1 coupons? Thanks.

  • Karen

    I don’t bother with WM anymore, except to use it like a convenience store sometimes, and I do my banking there. It isn’t worth the hassle anymore. Apparently a lot of people feel the same, because I observe them mostly only buying a few things. Shelves are raggedy and empty a lot now too.

  • Peggy

    Each Walmart is different, so everyones shopping trip will be different, that being said I have found that customer service is very poor at most Walmarts anymore. My local store also seems to pull items off the shelf when there is a coupon out for that item. If you do not get it the very first day the coupon comes out the item disappears until the day the coupon expires. I have found this to be true on every iIem I look for. They also will not force any coupons, internet or newspaper, if the register doesn’t ring it up on the first try they reject it. I don’t use Walmart anymore than I absolutely have to because of different problems with them over the years. Sam is rolling in his grave with the way his dream turned out.


    I am having problems now with them taking internet coupons. I can understand maybe if they don’t scan but my coupons scanned. I sent an email to corporate and hope this will help. They need to get with the times.

    Houston TX

  • carla

    Can we please discuss Walmart’s policy on honoring BOGO from other store’s sales. I’ve shopped at Walmart several times having them honor the BOGOS from Pubix & Winn-Dixie with no problem. I went in today, armed with all sales papers and coupons. I got to the check out with 2 buggy’s. I showed the cashier the first BOGO from Publix for General Mills cereal and she called over several managers. The price at Walmart for one box was $3.38 and at Publix the same box was $4.99. The manager told the cashier to ring the items up and charge me the Publix price, WHAT??? I said why would i shop here for the BOGO’s if i have to pay the other stores price. Needless to say they would not budge, so i left the 2 full buggys there and walked out.


    • Carla,
      Walmart’s Price Match policy says they don’t honor buy one get one free sale unless the price of the items are stated. So if the ad only says BOGO sale with no price they won’t honor that. But if the ad says BOGO sale or 2/$4.99 then they will honor that price.

      So yeah, you do not get the Walmart price and BOGO sale. You get whatever price is advertised on the competitor’s ad.

      I hope this makes sense.


  • kellee lujano

    For the price matching section where it says in order to match price you must have ad, or sometimes they keep them at register….being an ex walmart employee yes they do keep a set of the current running ads at the registers, but they ARE NOT suppose to even question you about it like your luring, they are suppose to take your word and just give it to you at that price.

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  • Trish

    Every Walmart is different. I have 2 Walmarts and one of them absolutely refuses to take any coupons at all. Not even the ones in the newspaper. It does no goo to show them the policy or talk to the manager. They have the right to refuse any coupons.

    The other Walmart is awesome about taking both newspaper and internet coupons. They have never given me grief about ones that are more than the price or exactly the price.

    It all depends on the cashier you get too and what type of mood they are in-ha.

    I have to agree Target and Krogers are the easiest places to coupon. I love Target because you can do a Target, manufacturer and cartwheel and save quite a bit of money and this is where I have gotten most of my freebies. Kroger doubles 50 cent coupons and is not as picky about how many you can use.

    I think it all comes down to the store, the area, whether they have been burned by coupon users, the time of day, the cashiers, etc.

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