Shutterfly: Free $15 off Your Order


How would you like to add a $15 credit of your order to your Shutterfly account?  It’s very easy too:

  • Login or create a Shutterfly account
  • Click on “My Account” and scroll down all the way to “Special Offers.”  Click on Enter Special Offer Code.
  • Enter the following code: FIFTEENOFF

That’s it!  You will be able to enjoy $15 off your next order.  The best part is that this code doesn’t expire until July of 2109! Yes, we have 100 years to use this credit, lol!    But you could use it now to get some prints for free, particularly those nice 8×10.  Or you could use it to get a good discount on photo calendars for next year.

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  • Letty

    Thanks! I just added it and the expiration date in my account said July 2109! Crazy!!!

  • Juanita

    I added this code to my account and then clicked on the Details tab. It states:
    “This offer is good for a $15 discount on one qualifying order placed. The qualifying order must be placed during the promotion period, which starts on the day the promotional email is sent and ends 6 days later (at 11:59 PM PST). Offer does not include shipping and handling charges or taxes associated with order.”

    Note that the offer ends 6 days after the promotion period starts.So what does that mean about the expiration date? I think the exp. date is a typo. Any thoughts??

    • Stacie

      I’m assuming an email will be sent now that I’ve added this to my account and I have 6 days after that to use the credit.

      It also says I have to enter the code in the shopping cart for it to be credited.

      I think the expiration date refers to a customer being able to add this special offer to their account, not the amount of time you have to use it?

  • Wonderful! Thanks you SO much :o)

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  • Tatiana

    When I tried it said the promotional code was invalid.

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  • Valerie

    I tried to make a photo book and it said: Sorry, this offer does not apply to your current order. It has been saved in your account. They must have specifics to what you can use the $15 for.

  • momof5inri

    Worked fine for me! Thanks a bunch. I ordered a Free photo t-shirt for my 7 yo daughter whose birthday is in January! Put a picture of the dogs on it for her! She will love it!

  • jody

    I ordered 2 luggage tags with our pic’s on really cute for $6.95 shipping after $15 discount..maybe be in time for stocking stuffer??

  • Tamara

    I keep getting, “Sorry, this special offer may not be applied to your account.” I tried with my existing account and tried opening a new account. It wouldn’t work with either.

  • Liz

    Mine also said sorry this special offer cannot be applied to your account? bummer

  • Michelle

    It said invalid for me too.

  • Jennifer

    Why is it saying invalid for some of us?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      No idea. It seems it has worked for most people.


  • Angie

    Same here…says it’s invalid. 🙁 Weird!

  • julie

    invalid for me tooo. Old and new accounts. Why? I am going to call shutterfly in the am.

  • Would not allow me to use this offer…said it could not be entered into my offers?!?! I’ve been a customer for years. Is it only for NEW customers?

    • I don’t think it’s for new customers because I have had my account for a year and it took the code.


  • Kathleen

    Got the same rejected message- hmmm wonder if it is really only for new members. Told me I was not eligible, maybe word got out about the code and Shutterfly wanted to shut it down.

  • Miriam

    Sorry, this special offer may not be applied to your account.

  • qudz

    it didnt allow me to add it to my account either. bunner, since i spend alot of money on shutterfly!

  • hope

    Wouldn’t let me add it either… and I’ve been a Shutterfly member for years… Tells me that it cannot be applied to my account…
    Tried several times and different days….

    • achara

      Didn’t let me add either…and I’ve used them for years

  • melina

    this code didn’t work for me! 🙁

  • Mary

    “Sorry, this special offer may not be applied to your account.”

    Same here.

  • Julie Shaver

    I got the same message with an old account. 🙁

  • Angie

    I got the same invalid message. I think they pulled this special offer.

  • Kami

    I used both my old account and tried creating a new account and it still would not work for me.