Sign Up for Leapfrog Toy Coupons

If you sign up with Leapfrog and start a “Learning Path” for your child, you will get the following coupons delivered to your email inbox:
$3 any Tag book
$4 any Leapster game
$5 Any Didj game
$3 Any Clickstart software
$3 Any Leapfrog Fridge Toy

You can print the coupon to use at a store. It’s a Bricks coupons so you should be able to print it twice. These coupons go great with the following Target toy coupon
LeapFrog Fridge toy – $5/1 – exp.11/26/08

The Leapfrog fridge toys are $19.99 at Target. After coupons you pay $11.99.

Finally, when you go toy shopping always be on the lookout for manufacturer coupons. I have seen them on Hot Wheels, Barbie, Playschool and other products.

Happy Savings!

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  • Anderson has a coupon for $10 off the Didj sytem and a $5 off a Didj game. Might make the deal even better.

  • smac

    My target in St. Louis has a majority of the fridge toys on “price cut” for $14.24. I used my target coupon the other day and got the fridge DJ for $9.24 + tax. So, with this coupon it would be an even better deal. Thanks!!

  • frugalisfab

    Thanks so much! This is perfect, I was already planning on buying the alphabet fridge toy for my 3 year old for Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    So can you use 2 online coupons (stacking) at Target?

    I am not too familiar with online coupons at Target. I have seen their online coupons on the target website, but I didn’t realize you could stack this other leapfrog online coupon on top of it. Is that true?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Anon,
    AT Target you can use one target coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item. So in that sense you can stack the coupons, yes.
    In theory, Target accepts internet printed coupons.

  • Letty

    Where are the Hotwheels coupons?

  • Mercedes

    I have found Hotwheels coupons in the labels of Checf Boyardee products. those are good on sporting equipment. yesterday I saw peelies for $3 off some of their car track systems on the systems themselves.

  • racheljk

    I’m so excited! I was going to purchase the fridge toy this weekend as a gift.

  • racheljk

    How long does it take for LeapFrog to send coupons to you email? I need to get this toy this weekend. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I signed up to the leapfrog site and it says they are sending a 10% off coupon. Does that sound right?