Simple Shoes for as low as $9.99 Shipped

You can get Simple shoes for as low as $9.99 shipped from 6PM.  There is a nice selection of shoes for the whole family for as much as 82% off.  Simple shoes are made with 100% sustainable products like recycled rubber, organic cotton lining and more.  I was just checking their website and t looks like they are going out of business 🙁

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  • Liz Wilcox

    Also get 2.5% back by shopping through

  • How do they make them so cheap. I wonder if they really last long. They look good, I would wear them.

    • Megan

      I think they are inexpensive because they are going out of business. The MSRP is very high. I have a pair of leather mary janes that I have been wearing for 3+ years and they have held up beautifully. They are my favorite pair of work shoes and I wear them a lot.