Simple Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

kitchen cleaning tips

Yesterday we talked about some easy tips to make cleaning your house easier, but today we are going to be more specific.  We did mention that being able to keep your house clean is easier when you take it room by room.

Let’s start with the kitchen, here are some simple tips to help you keep your kitchen clean:

Clean as You Go

The single easiest way to keep your kitchen clean and keep your workload down is to clean as you go.  If you are cooking dinner, load the dishwasher during your cooking downtimes to prevent piles of dishes from forming.  If you walk through the kitchen and spot a dish in the sink, load it in your dishwasher or rinse it out.

Unload Your Dishwasher

One easy way to keep your dishes from piling up is by unloading your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is complete.  This ensures that you are able to place your dishes in the dishwasher as soon as they are dirty, instead of having them stack up in your sink.

Reuse Your Cups

Each person should reuse the same cup throughout the day to prevent a buildup of dishes.  This one tip is a lifesaver when you have little kids that like to get new cups of water every 10 minutes throughout the day.

Clean Spills When they Happen

Cleaning up spills right when they happen is a great way to keep your kitchen clean.  If you leave spills, they will eventually spread and they also take much longer to clean once they have set.  Also be sure to sweep daily, this quick tip takes less than 2 minutes and can save a lot of work!

Keep Paper Towels and Cleaning Wipes on Hand

If you always keep paper towels and wipes on hand cleaning those spills when they happen is a lot easier.  If you don’t like using disposable paper towels or wipes, be sure to keep a stack of clean washcloths on hand.  

Clean Before Bed

I find that when I go to bed with a messy kitchen, I tend to procrastinate in cleaning it up.  However, when I wake up with a clean kitchen, I am more apt to keep it clean throughout the day.

How about you?  Do you have any tips that help you keep your kitchen from being overrun by clutter and mess?


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