Simple Tips to Make Cleaning Your House Easier

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Clean Your Home From The Top Down

We hear the phrase “from the top down” often, but in this case it is absolutely true. Cleaning from the ceilings down makes the most sense when cleaning a home.  Whether you are washing the walls or clearing counters, you are likely to get stuff on the floor.  Cleaning the floor last keeps you from having to do it more than once.

Divide your home into grids

This tip comes in handy, especially if you are cleaning the entire house.  Divide your house into grids and work on each grid one at a time.  This tip keeps you from wandering through the house jumping from job to job.  Also, when you are focused on each grid, you can ensure that each grid is completely clean.

Use a Squeegee

A squeegee isn’t just good for the car.  It is a seriously awesome cleaning tool  You can squeegee the shower, you can use it to dust stairs or you can use it to sweep off countertops.

Take off Your Shoes

Have you ever noticed that people that request that you take off your shoes often have cleaner homes?  When there are no shoes worn on the floor, it doesn’t get nearly as dirty.

Start Cleaning While Cooking Meals

For most recipes, you don’t need to hover around the stove.  Use the time that your meals are cooking to start putting away ingredients and wiping counters.

Do Little Chores Throughout The Day

If you have piles of magazines or mail sitting on the counter, be sure to organize them and stack them individually throughout the day.  Saving them until you do the rest of the housework only amplifies your job. The same is true for all of your housework.  Do small chores throughout the week to make chore day less daunting.  For example, you don’t have to do a load of laundry each day, but making sure they are in the hamper each day saves  you from having to gather up the laundry.

Crank up the Tunes

I have yet to talk to one person who doesn’t get motivation to clean from their music.  Turn on your MP3 player and get busy!

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