I am a Snackpicks Mom!

Today I am very excited to share with you my latest news.  I have partnered with Kelloggs and their snacks solutions website Snackpicks.com, to bring money savings tips and frugal ideas to their readers every month.  In addition to writing for the Snackpicks website, as a Snackpicks mom I will also get to sample and give away Kelloggs snack products to you right here on my blog.  I am thrilled to be working with the Kelloggs Company and honored to be given the opportunity to share my money saving ideas with the Snackpicks.com visitors. I want to invite you to please head over the Snackpicks website and read my first post of the year ” 3 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2010.”

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  • Kelly Perry

    yay-looking forward to it!

  • Congrats! Kelloggs made a great choice with you!

  • Kim


  • KimH

    Congrats to you!! I’ll be looking forward to your posts!!

  • Congrats Mercedes! Great accomplishment! I saw you on the site the other day… very happy for you!

  • That’s AWESOME!!! Congrats!

  • Kristina L.

    Great job!!!! I read it and will add it to my list of websites.

  • Mercedes, I was looking at SnackPicks on Sat evening, seeing if they had any coupons for that matched the Kroger Mega Event and I was so pleased to see your smiling face!

    Congrats! Kellogg’s picked well in selecting you for this role.

    Great post over there, too, btw. 😉

  • AC

    Keep up the nice work ML!

  • Great job Mercedes! Love the article and congrats on the spot!!