Last Chance! Snapfish: 100 prints for $1 Shipped!

Just a rmeinder that this code expires today supposedly.

There is a new Snapfish coupon code that you can use to get 100 4×6 photo prints for $1.  To make this even better it looks like the code also includes free shipping, which is usually not the case in general.  Anyways, if you want to give it a try, do it soon.  Use coupon code WEDPRINT to get the 100 prints for $1 shipped.

Make sure to leave us a comment if you get free shipping on your order.  This code is valid through 8/16.

Thanks, Mommy Savers!

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  • Jody

    This coupon code does not work!

    • I just tried teh code myself and it worked just fine. make sure there are no spaces before or after the word WEDPRINT.


  • Melissa

    Went to the link on the site posted on this page, and it has a bunch of different coupon codes, but none of them have anything to do with free prints. I think they already took down this offer.

  • Melissa

    *oops, I didn’t mean to type ‘free prints’…what I meant was that none of the current site coupons have anything to do with $1 prints.

    • Melissa,

      Just go to snapfish and use tHE code I gave you: WEDPRINT.


  • chrystal

    It worked for me, not as 5*7’s but as the smaller size!!

  • Nikkole Buczek

    The code didn’t work for me. I ordered 85 5×7 prints and it said invalid code.

    • Nikkole,
      It looks like it works on the 4×6 prints actually. and you probably do have to order 100 of them.


    • patti

      its not for 5×7 its for 4×6

  • Bethany

    It worked for 100 4×6 prints, but not for the 5×7

  • Laurie Taylor

    Worked for me! Great deal for 100 prints shipped to my home and I really needed to get some printed!

  • Worked for me!

  • Bethany

    Did the free shipping work for anybody??

    • patti

      yes it gave me it when i used the code
      and free 100 pic,

  • Patty

    I just ordered the 100 prints at 7:38pm EST and the free shipping code works. You must order exactly 100 prints in order to apply the code.

  • Christine

    Free shipping worked at 7:50pm, Sunday. Ordered 100 prints.

  • YANI


  • Carrie

    I get the message that said this coupon code does not work for this order. There was also a free 20 prints included, could that be why this offer won’t work?

    • tish

      Same with me. Did you get it to work?

      • I had the 20 free prints on my hubby’s account. I just placed the order for 120 prints instead of 100. I had to pay shipping ($ 0.98) for the 20 free ones. My order total for the 120 was 2.16.


    Wow it worked!!!! I had to pay 7 cents for tax I was shocked!

  • denise

    The code worked just fine and I got shipping on 120 prints for less than $1.00. Great deal.

  • Misty

    Used the code on 100 4×6 prints and it brought the price down to $1 and FREE shipping. Paid $1.06 with tax!!

  • Theda

    I JUST NOW used the code but I wanted 142 pics printed and it took $13.99 off the price. So I ended up paying $7.05 for 142 pictures printed and shipped to my home! Waahooooo!!

  • Carrie

    I had to order 120 prints because of the free 20 so I got 120 prints with shipping for 2.09….awesome!

  • JD

    It worked for me. I did 100 4×6 prints & paid $1.09! Thank you!
    Maybe you’re typing weBprint instead of weDprint…which is what I did by accident.

  • Kathy

    I just used this and it only cost me $1.06 for 100 prints. I had to pay 6 cents for Florida taxes. This is a great deal. No shipping costs!!!

  • Stephanie

    Worked for me. $1.07 with Indiana tax. However, I had a credit for 50 free photos and it wanted to use that. Once I entered the code, photos were free, but no free shipping. Had to use my husbands account that didn’t have any photo credits to get the free shipping.

  • Eryka Workman

    Yay it worked for me. I payed 3.70 for 116 prints. Thanks and it took off the shipping so I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the code! I ordered 120 prints for $2.15!!!

  • Kerr

    The code works on 100 4×6 prints for a $1, but is charging shipping.

  • Brooke

    100 free prints and free shipping. Worked for me! Woot.

  • Bethany

    I just ordered and paid $1.09 (Washington State sales tax + $1.00 for prints) Thanks!!!

  • Worked for me – Thanks! This code came at the perfect time!

  • worked perfectly for me! thanks so much 🙂

  • Laura

    Worked for me! YAY SO EXCITED, thank you 🙂

  • Joanna Pike

    Worked like a charm- -thanks for sharing!

  • Jayne

    Of course… I JUST ordered 100 prints yesterday, which were all free but not shipping… grr!!

    • Erika

      What link did you use to get 100 prints for free?

  • Robin

    Yes, it worked! 100 photos for $1.04 shipped. Thank you!!

  • Diane S.

    I ran into the free 20 print thing, but still – I got 120 photos for $2.12! (tax + shipping just for the free 20 prints) I can dig it!

  • Missey

    Thank You so much-Best deal ever on photos:)

  • J R

    The coupon code WEDPRINT absolutely does work! I uploaded and printed exactly 100 4×6 prints. When you enter the code and go to check out, you will receive -$5.98 off of your shipping (so it’s free) -$8 off of your prints (thus, 100 for $1), leaving your total cost at $1.07. That is the most awesome photo deal ever! Sure wish there were lots more of those! (Now, hopefully my order won’t get cancelled 😀 )

  • Morgan

    You always have the best deals Mercedes! Thank you so much for everything you do!

  • Lauren

    This deal worked for me! I got 100 prints for $1 + $.08 tax and free shipping. What a deal! Thanks so much!

  • Dedra

    Spent a lot of time getting them just right to order as gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles and it says I can’t use that code for this order. Was it supposed to be for 5×7 or 4×6?

  • Diane

    I ran into the same issue, having a print credit of 30 free prints on my order. So here is what I did. I ordered the 30 prints first, and used the code:20FSAUG which gave me free shipping. So, I paid $.07 for those 30. Then I went back and did a new order for the 100 prints and the WEDPRINT code worked, making my total $1.07 for 100 prints.

    Thanks so much!

  • Kathryn

    Worked for me. Thank you so much!

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  • Mary Jo

    Worked for me!!!! Thanks so much…great way to get my vacation prints 🙂

  • nini

    it work for me! Thanks

  • brittany

    free shipping worked for me! Total was $1.07, AWESOME DEAL! Thank you

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  • Sandy

    Code worked for me. $1.08 total. Thanks for the great deal!

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  • Jenny

    Awesome deal! Thank you so much.

  • LYN

    Just got 100 prints for $1.06! Thanks!

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  • I just did this and got free shipping. Yay! 100 prints for just $1 plus tax. Thanks!

  • Sally

    Make sure u select 100 photos and go all the way through to the checkout to receive this offer! U can even print facebook pics from this website! Total was $1.07! My bf and i both was able to do this!! Thx so much for sharing!!

  • carmen

    it works!! it was $1 for 100 prints and $1 for shipping!! 🙂 Thanx

  • lisa

    Worked for me. 100 4×6 photos for $1.07 with tax and free shipping. hollllyyyyyy moollllyyyyy! Thanks M!

  • Jess

    Just got my 100 prints for $1.06 and I’m super excited! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    THAT’S A GREAT COUPON, I’m so excited!!

  • Karen M

    Just ordered mine…. 100 prints for $1.09. Thank you!!

  • Julie

    This worked for me bc i have an account with them. but i tried to open another account with another email and bc it was a new account i couldn’t use this code.

  • Jenna Lockhart

    I ordered my 100 prints & only paid $1.08!! Thanks so much for lettin me know about this deal!

  • Mary

    Thanks for the coupon code. It worked perfectly! Keep us posted on the great deals!

  • V

    I just used the coupon code and it worked perfectly for me. Only paid $1.07! Thank you!!!!

  • Yesenia

    It worked for me!!! The shipping was free…only had to pay taxes of $0.09! Thank you so much!

  • Karla

    Worked for me! $1.06 with tax

  • Jenipumpkin

    It worked great! Only wish I could have ordered more!! LOVE cheap prints!! THANKS!!!!