Snapfish: 50 Free Prints (Shipped Free Too!)

Holy Smokes!  Grab 50 prints for free and pay zero shipping from Snapfish when you use the code HPINK50 at checkout.  New accounts get another 50 free prints when they sign up.

Thanks Money Saving Madness!

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  • Kelly

    I have a folder full of pics on my computer just waiting for deals like this! Thanks!!!!

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  • haely

    I was charged $8.26 for my order do not use the coupon code!!!!! it is a trick the order was $0.00 and I ordered and the receipt says $8.26. I was sure it was $0.00 .

    • Michelle

      I had the same problem. My total showed $0.00, and now the receipt shows I was charged $8.26 as well. After 20 minutes, I’m STILL waiting on hold to try to talk to someone so I can cancel my order. No way am I paying $8.26 when I can get them cheaper elsewhere!

      • Brenda W.

        The same thing happened to me. I am very frustrated!!!

  • Christine

    I just used the code with no problem. I actually ordered 61 prints, so my total was $1.58. My order total and confirmation email both came with the correct amount charged. Thanks for the tip on this; I love getting free photos printed!

  • Laurie T

    I placed my order and it was $0. Got my confirmation email and it shows $0 as well. Seems to have worked for me and I had an existing account.

  • Tricia

    I was charged the 8.42 also AFTER I hit submit (it origionally said $0). I did an on-line chat with a customer service rep. First she said she would refund the price of the prints but not the shipping. I told her that was not OK since the price of the shipping should also be free according to the code. She then said she would refund everything. Seems like quite a scam to me!

  • Heather H

    Maybe they have the code fixed now…just put in an order that will ship to my house for ZERO bucks! Confirmation email said ZERO too! Maybe some of you were trying to send it to a store…I tried that too and noticed the price went way up so I changed it to ship to my house. Hope this helps some of you out!

  • Becky

    just order mine w/o any probs n used a cc. yeah!!