Snapfish: Free Calendar, Ornament or Mug

snapfish ornament

Register to Snapfish and Receive a $10 Credit to your Account. What can you get with this $10 credit?  The following items sell for $9.99:  Collage Poster Calendar, Snowflake ornament and an 11oz White Mug.  The 5×7 Everyday Photo Books are only $11.99 each.  Shipping is not free but the gift would be.  This credit expires FIVE days after you get it. This is what you need to do to get your freebie:

That’s it!  No other steps required, except maybe wait in the comfort of your home for your freebie.

Happy Savings!

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  • Donna

    won’t we have to pay tax on the 9.99 photo ornament or do they not charge tax ?
    thanks – i love your site.

    • hi Donna,

      I don’t know because I am waiting until tomorrow to get my freebie. But my guess is no, unless there’s a snapfish store in your state.


  • What a deal! I just signed up and will probably order that adorable ornament tomorrow. When I signed up, it said I also get 50 free prints!

  • Donna

    also, when i sign up i can see that under credits and offers that i have the following:
    1 First hi-res photo FREE redeem1
    1 Collage Poster redeem1
    Free premium services 1trial redeem

    where is the 10 dollar credit suppose to appear ?


    • Mine says:

      * 1 First hi-res photo FREE

      * 1 $10 discount on first purchase

      * 1 Free premium services 1trial


  • Alyssa

    If you already have a snapfish account will this promotion work? Or is it for 1st time orders only?

    • KMS

      Its for new accounts only, Just make a new account with another email addy. 🙂

  • KMS

    The NOV30 code is working TODAY! I planned to get everything ready to finish tomorrow and it went through. My only problem is my $10 code is not working on my $9.99 ornament, what am I doing wrong????

  • VanM

    Thanks, I used your link and signed up. I have the $10 credit too. What are the other two FREE items? The hi-res photo and the premium service trial?

  • KMS

    So here’s a bummer: you cannot use more than one Snapfish code per order. Looks like its free product or free shipping not both…
    This is my chat with a Snapfish rep:

    Ganesh: Welcome to Snapfish Live Help. How may I help you today?

    Kristia: Hi, I created a new account with you today and I received a $10 Credit, I am trying to buy a photo ornament for $9.99 and it is not applying my $10 credit. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help!

    Ganesh: Please do not use any other coupon code then the credit will be applied. Sorry, You can only redeem one coupon, credit or special offer per Snapfish order.

    • Stella

      Is it 1 coupon code per order or per item??

    • Thank you for looking into this KMS. I thought this would work since one is a credit and the other is a code. Not two codes, see what I mean?

      I will update the main post 🙁


      • KMS

        Glad I could help, kind of sneaky of Snapfish with the wording IMO. Thanks for this great blog Mercedes.

  • Heather

    KMS is right. You can get a free ornament, but you have to pay $5.99 S&H since you can’t use the free ornament + free shipping. NOT a good deal.

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  • Amanda

    Thanks for posting this! I used my credit to get a photo notebook for just $1.59 shipped. Fantastic!