Snapfish: Free Personalized Calendar or Photo Mug

I shared this deal with you two months ago, but I think this would be a timely reminder. If you are looking for some inexpensive photo gifts, here is how to get them for less:

Hershey’s has a new promotion called “Make Moments Last.” With this promotion right now you can get a unique code towards a free personalized calendar ($14.99 value) or mug ($9.99 value) to use on Snapfish. You will still need to pay for shipping which is $4.99. Here is how to take advantage of this offer:

  • Click on “Enter UPCs”
  • Login or sign up for a Hershey’s account.
  • Once you are signed it click on “Don’t have UPC’s?” right below the “Next” yellow button and the numbers will auto populate.
  • Wait for your unique code to come via email

You will need to pay for shipping but that is still a good deal in my opinion.

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  • Anne

    Thanks! It took $$ off from shipping as well and I paid $3.18 total for a mug! This will make a great stocking stuffer for my hubby!

  • elsee

    thanks i just ordered this just wanted to let you know that in my shopping cart i waschargd $5.99 for shipping and then deducted $3 with the same code that made the calandar free my total was only $3.20 including tax!!!!!!

  • Amy VS

    With Snapfish’s current sales – I only had to pay 2.99 shipping!! That is about $3.23 for the whole mug! Great gift!

  • Shirlee

    How long did it take to get your code via email? It’s been an hour and a half and still no code!!

  • Alan

    These credits are not getting applied to my account during checkout. I did everything right. In live chat, the Snapfish representative told me to just complete my order that he would credit my card for the difference. What a hassle. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

  • mommeeto4

    I just experienced the same thing, I had to go through LIVE CHAT after several attempts to get it to work. It charged me the 19.06 (only a 3.00 credit initially) and then through live chat I got 2 credits, one for the calendar and one for the shipping.
    So in all I paid about 3 bucks!

    I hope they get this fixed. I think after using vistaprint, seehere ,etc that I like Snapfish the best.
    Quickest uploads and easiest to maneuver site.

  • Zombiemommy

    Got my code in 5 minutes.

  • Zombiemommy

    PS The credits appeared almost simultaneously so I didn’t mind that much.

  • Bev

    I did experience a problem Dec 8th, wouldn’t accept my code. I called, told them the problem & also that my email from Hersey’s said $4.99 S&H. She stayed on the phone as I entered the order, took off the cost of mug and an extra $1 so I’d get what I was promised. A bit of a hassle, but I’m pleased in the end, looking forward to my mug!

  • Jennifer Radvansky

    I just placed my order for my free photo mug + $3 off shipping, so I ended up paying $3.20. I had no problems, I just followed the exact steps and it worked like a charm! You have to pick the $9.99 photo mug though as there are many others to choose from. Great gift for my Mom from my daughter on our trip to Disney World, great memories!!!