Sobe Life Water Lizard Gear Promotion

Another manufacturer’s Reward Program: with this one you can get free gear if you collect Sobe Lifewater bottle labels. Only selected states (list is below, sorry everyone else). These are the details:

Tear pads can be found with the rebate forms at cvs, grocery store and gas stations for: free lizard gear from Sobe when you collect Sobe lifewater 20 oz bottle labels and mail them to get free gear.

To get the gear:
  1. Buy 20 oz sobe life water
  2. Save bottle labels
  3. Complete official mail in order form
  4. Choose items that you want
  5. Mail all of above, postmarked by 9/30/08.

These are the items you can get and the number of labels required:

  • keylight keychain- 5 labels
  • women’s t-shirt- 10 labels
  • men’s t-shirt- 10 labels
  • knit cap- 10 labels
  • backpack- 15 labels 6
  • 4 movie passes- 20 labels
  • women’s hooded sweatshirt- 25 labels
  • men’s hooded sweatshirt- 25 labels

There are no shipping or handling charges. Offer is only valid in Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So be on the lookout for these tearpads. Great to go with all the free Sobe at Target and CVS. I am also thinking a backpack would make a great Christmas gift for one of my nephews. I know I have enough for four movie tickets. If only we could find a mail in offer for free babysitter *sigh*

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