Solofill, Refillable K-cup for $11

Right now you can get theSolofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers for $11.30. That’s $2.50 lower than the cheapest price I have seen these. If you have a Keurig, there are several reasons to get one of these. One to save money. K-cups are usually around 60ยข each. Two, you get to use the coffee you love and if you grind it fresh it makes it even better. Three, it’s less waste and better for everyone.

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  • Julie

    I found these to be messy. Can’t seem to be able to fill it or empty it without scattering grounds. My solution: Folgers Singles! Real coffee in a tea bag.
    Having bought the reusable filter, which came with a filter holder & lid, I just put the little bag (after removing the string and tag) in the filter holder, twist on the lid, and brew as directed. They sell 19 in a box for under $5 at Walmart, much cheaper than k-cups (which are 18 count for $12), but not as messy as the reusable filter.
    Plus, Folgers is the best!