Some Baby Food for Thought

I made my own baby food with my first son, and of course I am doing the same with my second. Making your own baby food puts you in charge of what goes in your baby’s tummy. It allows you to feed him/her the best money can buy without breaking the bank.

What is the point of buying baby food? If you get lucky what you are buying is the pureed vegetable and water. But other times you can also be paying for things your baby should not be eating at such a young age or at all. I was reading the food labels of some baby food jars at my local grocery store and the jars of Beech-Nut baby food listed this ingredient: “fructooligosaccharides”. I was disgusted! I am sure you have an idea of what it is, but if you don’t, it’s an artificial sugar alternative. Because that is just what my seven month old needs: fake sugar added to his food! Then we wonder what’s wrong with the eating habits of our society?

Making baby food saves you money too. I have spent 80 cents in a pound of sweet potatoes, $2 in three pounds of carrots, $1 in a bag of green beans and a bag of peas. I also spent $1.87 on this big bottle of applesauce. It made eleven servings of baby food, or 17 cents a serving. A double pack of Gerber Applesauce costs $1.08 at my local Walmart or 54 cents a serving.

You can also use coupons to feed organic food to your baby. Right now there is a coupon for $1 off any Cascadian Farm product at coupons dot com. You can find bags of Cascadian Farm frozen fruits and veggies at some grocery stores and even Walmart. But even if you can’t find it, any extra money you spend buying these foods is made up in the money savings you achieve by making your own baby food. The health benefits to your baby are immeasurable.

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  • Mama Koala

    A very timely post for my as my little guy is starting solids, and we want to make his baby food. Any tips on what to do/not to do? (other than just to make it at home:-)?

  • Tiffany

    I made food for my son too….well, when he started stage two foods I did. I bought organic baby foods for stage one. Then I only made enough portions for what he could eat right then. If God blesses us with another baby I plan to make baby food from the start, and freeze it…..It truly is amazing how many people blindly feed their babies that jarred stuff without even reading the labels. The “desserts” are the worst!!! Babies don’t need dessert, let alone all the fake stuff that’s in those!!!

  • looney

    I have this book! I love it–I STILL use recipes from it for my almost four year old. It is so worn from using it so much!!
    I make my own vanilla, now, too–I got vanilla beans for Christmas (yes I ask for wierd things, but they are expensive!) and mixed it with vodka (Tito’s) my husband got on sale…voila!
    I haven’t tried making my own yogurt or fruit leather though–we buy fruit leather in bulk at Costco.

  • Mercedes

    Mama Koala, I am going to put together a blog entry to answer your question. I have been out and about today so I haven’t much time in from of the computer. But it will be coming soon.

    Tiffany, isn’t banana enough dessert? My baby loves it!

    Looney, My husband makes yogurt but we stopped making out own yogurt a while ago because the cost was about the same.
    I would like to try to make our own vanilla but for now we are using some free samples of real vanilla from madagascar.

  • Jackie

    You are amazing my dear! My hat is off to you! And if my two children are young enough to be starting solids, I will email you for directions on how to do that. 🙂

  • MJ

    I love making my own baby food, though I did just buy some jars to start DD on. DS had some allergies, of course to the things I had made huge quantities of! So, I plan to try a few things in jars first – so less goes to waste – then get going with making my own. But I’m with you on additives! Why would you put sugar in baby food? Real foods are sweet enough, unless we train those tastebuds to expect supersweet stuff! (Too bad it’s tough to untrain my tastebuds!)