Sometimes the Best Deal is No Deal

A couple of days ago my husband and I were staring at the computer screen. He was showing me this Invicta watch that was 90% off on Amazon. He was telling me that we should get it because he needed a watch. Plus it was such a great deal.

I stood there looking at him and his wrist. In the almost 12 years we have been together he has never worn a watch regularly. As I reminded him of that, he pointed out toย  me the watch was 90% off! and such a great deal!! I reminded him again that he never wears a watch and why buy a watch when he doesn’t wear one.

Even if the watch was so cheap, for us to buy it would mean wasting our money on an item that would barely get any use. For us the best deal was to get no deal at all. Our money was best saved by keeping it in our pockets.

Diana, left me this comment on Monday: “Iโ€™ve saved a lot of money recently because I havenโ€™t bought anything.” A LOT of times that the best way to save money. Diana, your comment was the reminder we needed to not get caught up by the deal.

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  • Ain’t that the truth!!

  • Laura

    My mother just bought a pair of shoes at the thrift store that were like new and only $4.00. She was so excited. Problem with this is that they are one size too big for her and two sizes too small for me. What’s the point????????????

  • I used to hate the “b” word, My husband is the budgeter. He often says that I like to “save money by spending it”. And there is truth to that. After we got on the same page about our budget (also thanks to Financial Peace) I now see the light on budget matters and I don’t implies buy anymore. Thanks for the perspective, especially this time of year!

    • Brenda

      I love the Financial Peace University! My husband and I learned so much. We get our diploma’s next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andrea

    my husband has said for years, “it’s still cheaper if you don’t buy it”…great point!

  • Shonda

    This is such a great reminder…thanks!

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  • Wendy Davis

    Thank you, I needed to hear that. It is so easy to get caught up in the “deals”, especially at this time of year. It can be almost addictive at times. I heard John Tesh tonight on the radio saying there are actually centers in our brains that light up when we shop and all the more when we find great deals. It is important to remember the deals to take advantage of are when we really need the item and can buy it for a great price.

  • So glad to see someone post something like this. Sometimes I think as I look at some of the other money saving blogs out there that people get so caught up in “saving money” that they will buy anything if it’s free or cheap (after rebates, etc), but often you spend more in time and energy or in space to store things you don’t really need/want.

  • Laurie

    I call that “my do-nothing diet”. It applies to eating, entertainment, shopping, and more…. You can save a lot of money by just sitting still or staying home and doing nothing… not leaving your house to shop, wasting gas in the process, and usually eating out along the way. I’ve found I can save a ton of money by avoiding the grocery store when I “need” things. (It’s amazing how little we actually “need” to survive or how long we can live off that stockpile if we just get creative.) For every trip I make to a grocery store for 2-3 things I “need,” I buy 2-3 more things I think I need (and will use, but didn’t HAVE to have.) It’s much better if my husband goes to the grocery store for me on his way home. He doesn’t take a cart, and only gets what he can carry. lol!

  • Steph

    So true!

  • Corina

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes the best deal is no deal. Does it really matter if an item is on sale if you’ll be spending even a small amount of money on it if essentially it will be of no use. My mother is quiet an impulsive buyer and tends to get carried away when she sees items on “sale.”

    The truth is much of what she buys ends up going to waste. Don’t get tricked by the word sale, just because its on sale doesn’t mean you have to purchase it.

  • Heather

    great reminder! Especially around this time of year. There are so many tempting sales. If we don’t need it why buy it?

  • Debbie

    Ha ha ha….we’ve always been ‘the’ savers…..but last Fri, we decided to try our luck with one of the laptop deals at Best Buy (been together for almost 23 yrs and have never tried to go to these BF madness……we thought it would be fun). By the way, there are 4 laptops (3 sony & 1 HP) in our household of 3 people, so we don’t really need another laptop, but thought a sony for $399 is a great deal ๐Ÿ™‚ After standing in the cold for 3 hrs, they ran out of tickets….that should’ve been a sign that we don’t need a laptop, to go home and save the money. But we’re told to go back at 9am and we did. And yes, we purchased a sony vaio for $399. It’s been a week and the box has not been opened yet…, I’m guessing, if it’s not touched by Wed, it would have to go back to Best Buy!

  • Melody

    great thought!!! how very true that is! we are often so caught up by the deal that we find ourselves left with lots of good deals that we really don’t need or use! Bless you !

  • Charissa Thonus

    What a great reminder! In the past few months there have been a couple times when I’ve found myself about to purchase an item just because of the deal. Well, all those “deals” can really add up over time. This is a great reminder to pause, think, and perhaps let the deal pass!

  • Carolyn

    My husband sometimes tells me I spend money to save money!

  • Katelin

    Thanks Mercedes! A good word for this time of year ๐Ÿ™‚

  • renee

    Totally agree.

    My husband said that we should not buy stuff if we don’t need, even it’s on sale or I have a coupon for it. If you keep the money in your pocket, that’s what you saved.

  • Brenda

    I had to respond to this. It is so funny that I went through the exact same thing with the exact same Invicta watch at Amazon just a couple of weeks ago. I saw it and mentally went through all the men in my life, desperately trying to come up with one that would need, let alone appreciate such a great deal. It was a hard landing when I realized that $50 was $50, no matter what the savings might have been. Thank you for sharing this story! It’s a good life lesson for anyone that is new, or even a little seasoned, to the “great deals and savings” game.

    BTW… I posted a link to your entry on my FB page at:!/pages/The-Coupon-Bee/160810370615720

    Thanks again!
    Brenda (aka Coupon Bee)

  • aliteg

    thank you, thank you, thank you!

    We have two children (2.5 yrs and 7 mo), and I can get really caught up in buying ahead when the prices are so low, but the truth is we don’t NEED much. I was about to respond to a good deal you posted because it was a good deal, then realized no one here needs it, and I can’t even gift it to anyone. DUH! $10 saved!

    also, thanks for all they work you do posting the deals and steals because sometimes we do need them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rhonda mills

    I am a grandmother from Martinsville, va, that has a 20% unemployment rate. I was laid off 2 years ago and can not find a job. I was going to Walgreens or CVS to get deals with coupons and their bucks back. I ended up buying so much body wash and shampoo that I now throw away the circulars in the Sunday paper. I was getting out of hand for sure and your post makes me feel better about quitting all the rediculous spending. All the gas and wear and tear on my car….I cant buy Christmas for my grand children, but I can still give them my open arms.