DEAD: South Beach Bars Moneymaker at Walgreens


UPDATE: Coupon campaign has reached print limit.

Wow! the deals at Walgreens really are hot this week.  It also helps when coupons get updated with higher value coupons.  At the beginning at the week I wrote how you could get cheap South Beach granola bars at Walgreens. Well, Shellie has found a way to not only get them cheap but get paid to buy them.  Check it out here!

Thanks Shellie!

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  • Lisa Fischer

    My husband works for Kraft Foods & they make the South Beach bars here & he was able to buy CASES of these at cost. WE have so many of these, but if I can get some more for free…..LOL He’s been eating them, I haven’t & he also only got one flavor so this would give us a chance to try some other ones. Thanks!

  • I think they fixed the link.

  • thank you! It worked perfectly!

  • I’ve printed 12 coupons so far – unbelievable! Thanks!

  • Renee

    I’m wondering if we can do this more than once. The ESR has the rebate total column filled in with $5, not the total column. Can we do it on multiple receipts?

  • Sienna

    Thanks! Just got in on this! Worked perfectly!

  • Hi Renee,
    My guess is that the limit is one. but you can always call Easysaver helpline to confirm.


  • Sara

    Worked like a charm. My store even had them in stock! Thanks!!

  • Christi

    Awesome deal. I got 6 boxes and paid nothing, thanks to Register Rewards…

  • Glad you could use the deal! Thanks for linking to my blog.

  • Rachel

    My store only had snack bars. The coupons all beeped. The coupon says on meal bars or “delighted” snack bars. The snack bar boxes didn’t say delighted. The cashier put it through anyway but could be a problem for some….

    • Hi Rachel,
      The bars are considered meal bars. You may want to check the rebate details to see whether the snack bars (I imagine these are single count) counted towards it.

  • vicki

    The coupons are no longer printing from South Beach website…Bummer!