Special K Cereal Coupon reset!

Great news!  The buy one get one free Special K cereal coupon has reset.  This means that if you printed it before, you should be able to print it again.  I had already printed it and was able to do so again.

This week you can get the following deal at Walgreens:

Buy two boxes of Special K Cereal 2/$5
Use Special K Cereal coupon
Pay $2.50 out of pocket and get back one $2 register rewards

Let me know if it reset for you too!

Thanks Maven of Savin!

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  • carol

    It reset for me too. cool.

  • Martha

    Reset for me, too! Yahoo – more free cereal at Rite Aid! My Rite Aid manager said he ordered plenty, so once the snow clears here in Georgia, I’ll go get more.

  • Amanda

    It didnt for me 🙁

  • cindy

    It reset for me,was able to print two more!!

  • lidia

    It didn’t work for me and it’s asking me to log in.

    Plus, I tried to print from a different computer for the first time, the other day, and it told me “Sorry but you already printed the number it was allowed” when I didn’t. Does anyone know why this is happening?

  • Jenny

    Didn’t reset for me today!

  • Stephanie

    The coupon did reset for me, but it looks like they changed the limit to 2 per “All K Pass” user instead of per computer.

  • lidia

    Hey guys, I figured out how to get more prints. When you are sent to log in, if you’ve registered last week, log in and it will let you print then. If you do not remember all your info, click to retreive it. It will be sent to your email adress, log in with it and then you will get your “print coupon” link.

    One other thing, I was able to print 2 coupons on one computer with that loging and 2 per another with the same logging info that was sent to me.

    This was great because I’ve missed the first coupon by trying to conserve paper because it printed at the bottom.

    Good luck!

  • Dodi

    Rite aid has special k on sale this week b1g1 free. use both coupons and get 4 boxes free plus you get 4 $1 up rewards back. PROFIT!!!

  • Pat

    Rite Aid here I come 🙂 Thank you!

  • Yeah, I finally got it. Last time, I tried to get it, and never did, then when someone sent the direct link, it said I had already printed it. So I asked for it to be mailed. But now, I finally got one! Walgreens here I come later in the week!

  • diane

    Thanks, reset for me. Just came back from Rite Aid, bought 8 cereals and 2 stayfree bonus size pads. Paid out $2.03, got back $10 RR.

  • Laura_in_TX

    no reset for us.

  • julie

    Special K reset worked for me!

  • julie

    Hey your all you link under coupons takes you to a e-fundraising page?!?

    • Hi Julie,
      Yes, All You is actually a magazine. The best deal I have found for the magazine is through Efundraising: 30 issues for $25.


  • Sheri

    Thank you, thank you. Love this cereal!

  • Dean

    Didn’t reset for me… must have printed my first one after the reset. Bummer! Signed myself and my wife up and got eight boxes though!

  • pheng

    Rite Aid has buy 1 get 1 free now. so use the coupon to get it both for free.