Spending on What Matters to You

We don’t skimp on fruit in the summer. This face is the reason why I save on other areas to splurge on fruit while the having is good.

What are you skimping on, so you can splurge on something else right now?

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  • Michelle

    Schwans ice cream!! The best!!

  • What a great topic! We don’t purposely save on our groceries in order to splurge a bit, but it seems often we do have a little wiggle room and so we will splurge on an at home steak dinner. I just find that since using coupons, we are actually living better! We get some of the best products for cheap or free! I haven’t felt the need to splurge as much lately.

  • Kellee

    Steak! We usually only eat it on special occasions and during the summer. I cooked steak yesterday for my Hubby for Father’s Day!

    Capri Suns! Those individual juices are great for hot days at the park!

  • He’s so cute, Mercedes! I also splurge on fruit, as well as organic dairy for my daughter.

  • Sue

    I tend to also splurge on fruit too. I tend to like fruits more then veggeis anyways so I figure at least I’m getting my food groups in. My husband and little guy also really like fruit so it’s always gone pretty fast. Never have any waste so I don’t mind spending a bit more on it.

  • OM – that face is too cute!!! I definitely buy up the produce in the summer! And, I’ll pay an extra dollar for seedless watermelon! I accidentally bought a seeded watermelon and my kids WON’T eat it! I don’t blame them, it’s too much work!!

  • I’m waiting for Bowers’ Farm to open in July – otherwise, I skimped and sold on Ebay so I could buy my husband a new 40″ Sony Bravia. WITH CASH! 🙂

    I’m actually going to try and get my groceries down to $150 for the summer – I think with all the fresh, in season veggies (like good ol’ Wisconsin sweet corn!) going on, and sticking to “whole foods”, I think it is very feasible!

  • We also splurge on fruit in the summer. My daughter and I absolutely love it! We cut back on buying other snack items this time of year since we snack on fruit so often now.

  • Jacqueline

    My kids and I have just started couponing, but I’ve always been very thrifty. We just do not spend money. If I get a chance to splurge I take my kids out to eat at a nice place and let them get whatever they want,they are only 2 and 4,and they have had a lot of fun trying new and different foods. Then we either go to the library or the park.

  • Rachel A.

    I can slurge on buying a few comfortable maternity to get me through my first pregnancy and future pregnancies!(: Although, I spend extra money, I want to get the best value for my money.

  • Megan J

    We try to save on staples with coupons and Aldi shopping so that we can splurge a little on special food items like rose water, pine nuts and vanilla beans. We’re also scrimping now to fund a big back-packing trip around Eastern Europe next summer.

  • Rhonda

    I’ve been buying as many $25 gift certificates from restaurant dot com as I can afford — it makes it a whole lot easier when they’re 80% off! My 16yo loves sushi, so I’ve been buying the GCs to Japanese restaurants and saving them for special outings.

  • Sheila

    Berres Bros. coffee!!

  • we skimp on a ton of things all year so that I can take the girls on a nice family vacation once a year. We just got back from 8 days in California. It was awesome!

  • we eat soups, casseroles, and crockpot meals over winter so we can grill delicious ribs and steaks in the summer 🙂

  • I work hard to cut corners–coupons for groceries and household items, clothes only way on sale, handmade gifts, not needing at 72 degree house in the summer–so we’re able to do other things without financial strain. We paid cash for our vacation to Mexico this month. Next goal: buying our first house!

  • Melissa

    We save so that we can eat out more!! Also for a nice vacation 🙂