Stamp out Hunger on May 9th


Just a reminder that Stamp Out Hunger is tomorrow Saturday May 9th. In this food drive, you can place bags of nonperishable food items by your mailbox and your mail carrier will pick them up and take them to the food bank.  I went through my cupboards and quickly found items that I got for free and know my family won’t consumer before the expiration date.  There were also items that I bought thinking my family may like and they didn’t. If you think you may have some items in your cupboards that your family won’t use, this is a perfect opportunity to bless someone else.  All you need to do is put them on a bag and place the bag by your mailbox.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

I know a lot of families are heavily relying on their local food bank right now.  My local food pantry has even begun  posting a list of needs on the weekly free newspaper.  Every little bit makes a difference on someone else’s life.

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  • I love Stamp Out Hunger. It makes it easy to donate food and help others, without even leaving your home.

  • Jen M

    Thank you so much! I didn’t realize this was tomorrow and I called my local post office and they are participating! You are right, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

  • this food drive is too easy not to do. helps clean out the cupboards and keep them organized too.

  • I just cleaned out my cupboards today and drove them to the food pantry. Wish I’d waited for this.
    I often buy (with heavy discount) items that I know we won’t use so I’m not tempted to keep them instead of donating them. Today I gave away 3 new deodorants that I know we wouldn’t use. All cost .25 after coupons.

    • Jenny,

      Your food still ended up in your local food pantry. Thank you so much for your donation!


  • Thanks for the reminder!

  • Personal abundance is just “stuff” until it is shared, then it becomes a blessing for the giver and receiver!

    Thanks for posting Mercedes!

    • This reminder was thanks to you Mollie.


  • Our post office left postcards and then a few days later plastic grocery bags in our mailboxes asking us to fill them and leave them by our mailboxes tomorrow. I thought that was a nice way to remind us! I haven’t been bargain shopping for the last few months (or shopping at all, really) so I don’t have much to give but I’m going to find what I can!

  • Jason

    My pantry is overflowing with food I got for free or nearly free. It’ll be good to pass some of it on to people who haven’t been as fortunate as we have.

  • Kelly

    I put out one of the weirdest assortments ever – can of crab meat, mandarin oranges, Zatarain’s dirty rice and scampi mixes, case of Walgreen’s drink similar to Ensure that I got for free. What an odd meal that could make.

  • MrsToro

    Thanks for the reminder! I hurried to my pantry and filled a grocery sack in no time! My husband had recently bought a huge case of tuna from Sam’s Club and realized after he opened one can that it wasn’t the kind he liked (i dont like any tuna) so I was able to donate all 15 cans we had left! Plus many can goods that were pushed to the back of the pantry!

  • Jaimie Wutzler

    I got the card in my mailbox Thursday and I sat two bags of food out today – our lazy mailman delivered our mail but left the food! I am so upset!

  • Michelle H.

    I had the same problem as Jaimie the last two times they did the stamp out hunger. We got the card in the mail but the mail carrier didn’t take our food.

    I do a monthly donation to the local food bank. Whenever I get something free or really cheap that I know we won’t eat/use, it goes in the box. Mahatma rice has 50 cent coupons out right now that double to a $1 at my Kroger, who sells the rice for $1.09, so I’ve been stocking up. There’s currently 8 bags in the food bank box, and I still have more coupons to use this week.

    They also take the glucose monitors that CVS has been paying us to take!