Staples: 12 Pack of Brawny Paper Towels for $5.99 (with In Store Pick Up)

This offer is expired now.

Get a 12 pack of Brawny Paper towels for $5.99.  Just add a pack to your cart.  It is priced at $12.99.  Then use the code 70517 to get $7 off your order.  That should bring your total down to $5.99 plus tax.  Choose to pick it up in store to save on shipping.

Staples has two listings for this product, one priced at $16 and then other at $12.99.  Look for item # 852190-GJ to get the one at the lower price.

Thanks Swaggrabber!

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  • Cathy

    I clicked on the link, but it was for an 8-pack of Bounty. Maybe they’re out of the Brawny…

  • Linda

    Cathy, I entered the item # at the top of the Staple’s page and searched. The correct item appeared. I just ordered mine and all seemed to work fine. GL

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  • Sharon

    They are out of stock 🙁

  • Cristy

    Currently out of stock

  • connie

    Tried to order but would not take the coupon code. Boo. Needed some cheap paper towels. If you can tell me how it might work, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Sarah K

    I have tried for the last couple days and it would not take the code

  • Thanks for letting me know the code no longer works guys. I have marked the offer as expired.