Staples: Free or $4.99 Fax Machine


In need of a fax machine?  You can get it for free or only $4.99 at Staples this week.  Stamples has the Brother 575 plain paper fax machine on sale for $59.99 this week.  Plus Staples is also offering an Easy Rebate of $50 Visa Card on the machine.  Use the Staples in-ad coupon for $5 off $50 purchase to get it for $4.99 plus tax only.  One of my readers left a comment saying that her sales circular actually had a coupon for $10 off $50.  If you got that one, use that one and get the fax machine FREE!

Thanks Shannon!

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  • Jennifer

    Yes, if you need a fax machine and do more sending than receiving and can unplug it (keep reading) when not in use this is a good deal.

    But plan on it being not very cost effective to buy new supplies for this machine! I bought mine last year. I left mine plugged in to the phone line when not in use and someone from some insurance company with tons of legal papers on some medical case faxed my number by mistake one day when I was not at home. (Had I been home I could have hit stop and unplugged it then!) UGH! Ate up the entire “roll of film” and wanted more. (The supplies are a thermal type film, not toner or ink!) It’s $25 to get a new roll of film. Good greif was I angry when I called this company to tell them they had used all my fax supplies and had the wrong number on top of that! They just laughed at me and hung up!

    Now I keep it unplugged from the phone line and only plug it back in when needed because I still continue to get faxes from the same place (thanks to caller ID, I know) even though I called and told them they had the wrong number someone there still continues to be a persistant wrong fax number dialer or programmed it wrong in their speed dial!

    So if you do receive a bunch of faxes this is not the machine you should get. If you send more faxes and receive very few and don’t get wrong number faxes or can unplug it from the phone line between uses then it is a good deal for the casual user.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • This is how you should respond to the insurance company.

  • joe jones

    Wow, new invention. I love it. Yes, who doesn’t need a new fax machine…?