Staples: Free Duracell Batteries (4/24-4/30)

Staples is offering two free 20ct packs of Duracell Batteries (AA and AAA).  The way this deal works is you buy the batteries and get your money back via Staples Rewards.  Staples Rewards is like a rebate but the money you get back can only be used at Staples.  When I have done this deal in the past, I use the Staples Rewards I received to buy things like ink to print coupons.

Thanks, Money Saving Madness!

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  • Winnie

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into helping us find great deals! Thought you might want to know though, the Staple’s battery deal started 4/22 to 4/30. Here is the link to the promotion along with the coupon for a FREE HP ream of paper:

    • Audrey Jarrett

      the free HP paper expired Saturday

  • Misty

    I’m just curious, why do most, if not all of the stores and bloggers advertise deals like this as being free products? In my mind that’s deceiving. In reality you are either paying full price for this product and getting something free later or you are saving half off of this product and half off of the next thing you buy with the rewards money.

  • Alli

    Can you use duracell coupons to make this a money maker

    • hi Alli,
      You could, but I am not sure it would make it a moneymaker. It is possible you only get the amount you paid back. You can try though.


      • Janet

        since i have some staples rewards from buying duracell batteries before, can i use them to buy the new set of free duracell batteries (like rolling +up rewards in riteaid) ?

        • hi Janet,
          Unfortunately from my understanding these Staples Rewards do not roll. This is what I have heard from other readers, so hopefully someone who has done it can confirm either way for us.


  • Serenity

    I think this is a fantastic way to save on ink (LT) but I have a question.. I looked at the Staples Reward website and couldn’t find a list of rebates anywhere– Just trying to think of what I would do going forward to know that Staples had a deal because its not a store I usually “stop by”. Any suggestions?

    And yes definitely thank you for posting about this.