Staples: Free Duracell Batteries


From now through 12/26 Staples is running a promotion on Duracell batteries:  Buy one 20ct pack for $12.99 and get all your money back in the form of Staples RewardsThe limit on this deal is 2 per week! So you can get up to 40 free batteries every week.  If you are shopping today 11/18 you can use this 10% off coupon for additional savings.

Thanks Money Savings Madness!

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  • jen

    the deal is 2 PER WEEK! so you can stock up if you dont mind all those staple rewards.

    • Thanks Jen,

      I updated the post with the correct information.

  • DeAnn

    Didn’t you mean 11/28 for the coupon? THat’s the date on the coupon when I clicked on it. 🙂

  • from what I understand you won’t get the RR for a MONTH!! So that is alot of $$ OOP before getting to use the RR. Yes it is free but I don’t think it is that big of a deal. I try to spend as LITTLE as possible OOP. If this was like WAGS where the RR are immediate, then YES it would be sweet…..

  • Sara

    Any word on if this is available online? I live about an hour away from the closest Staples. I did get to do the Saturday 11/28 deal because I was at my Mom’s for the weekend. We just seem to go through massive amounts of batteries and I can use the rewards on ink or such that I would buy anyway.

    Thanks for the heads up on this as I wouldn’t have seen it.

  • Rebecca

    Can someone tell me what Staples Rewards are? I mean, is it a check sent back to you or only store credit?

  • Sara

    Staples Rewards are basically a store credit (think Extra Care Buck or Register Rewards). The rebates are checks.

    I asked when I did this over the weekend and they are the store credit coupons.