Staples: Free Paper, Highlighters and Cheap School Supplies

This week you can get free after Easy Rebate paper and highlighters at Staples:

Staples 8 1/2″ x 11″ Photo Paper, $14.99
Buy 1, Get a $14.99 Easy Saver Rebate at Checkout
FREE after Mail In Rebate

Bic Brite Liner Highlighters, $4
Buy 1, Get a $4 Easy Saver Rebate at Checkout
FREE after Mail In Rebate

You can also score any of the following items for just $0.50 each (limit 2):

  • Staples Colored Paper Clips
  • Westcott 12″ Ruler
  • Staples Mini Composition Book
  • Staples Pencil Box
  • Staples Steel Hole Punch
  • Avery Insert 5 Tab Dividers
  • Staples Dual Pencil Sharpener
  • Staples Clipboard
  • Staples Magnetic Bulldog Clips (3 ct.)

You may want to check your own local ad for the 50 cent deals, as it seems this pricing may be regional. Other areas have these items on sale for $1 instead.

Thanks, Cha Ching on a Shoestring!

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  • Leticia

    So am I missing something….still new…. but I went in to staples got these products but only rebate that printed out was for the paper not highlighters 🙁

    • Leticia,
      Is there any chance you got the wrong ones? You may also want to call Staples Customer Service and ask them why the form didn’t print.

      • Leticia

        ok so I called customer service and they coulndnt find that rebate offer in their system so they called the store where i purchased it from and they were able to help me out…. weird thing though is that once i went online i realized this promotion wasn’t everywhere…. on my staples ad it only had the photo paper for rebate not the bic highlighters so how the store where i bought these from helped me out, not sure… but I at least have it coming back to me now 😀 thanks!

  • Monica

    The same thing happened to me today where I bought the BIC highlighters and the rebate form never printed out.

    Leticia, what did you tell the store in order for them to help you out???

    • Leticia

      well I called the customer service line that I got through and they’re the ones who called my local store and supposedly got it all fixed. Shortly after the phone call I received an email from their rebates center saying my rebates were in process and it listed both the paper and highlighters… well today i got an email saying that my rebates didnt qualify bc the store I bought them from was not participating..???… I guess I’ll call again to see if I’m really not going to be receiving the rebate bc if not I’ll just return these highlighter bc I also got the colored highlighters for $1, they’re the bic brite liner 5/pk and they’re the easy click retractable ones…. in the ad they say they’re $1 but the price that they’re tagged under are for $4 so hopefully you can get at least get these bc thats still a good price…
      let us know what happens with your transaction and I’ll try to remember to keep you updated too 😀