Staples: Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera for $35!

UPDATE: This is sold out online. Check in store to see if your store may have it in-stock.

For those of you looking for a deal on a digital camera here is a good one that may be too hard to pass.  This week Staples is offering the Kodak EasyShare Z915 10MP 10X Zoom Digital Camera in black for $99. But when you buy one you can get a $50 Staples Gift card via mail in rebate.

Think that’s cheap enough? Well, it isnt! Use this $15 off Staples coupon to get it for $35 plus tax.  The coupon expires on 11/9 so grab this deal before then.  Just to give you some perspective in case you were unsure of how cheap this is, Amazon is selling this same camera for $124.  It looks like the camera gets good ratings.

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  • Can you buy it online? We don’t have a Staples.

    • Kathy

      Jenae, it appears that the $15.00 coupon is only good in store.

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  • elaine

    out of stock already

  • Kathy

    Are you sure this camera is eligible for the $50 gift card rebate? I looked at the rebate offers and it appears that the rebate is for the purchase of this camera AND a printer (must purchase both). There is another $50 rebate for any digital camera with a regular price of $149 or more. Is that the rebate that you are referring to?

    • Kathy,
      The rebate says: Get a $50 Staples Gift Card with the Purchase of a Camera or Camcorder Regular Price $149 or more at Staples. follow the link to the particular rebate for the fine print.


  • michelle

    I could not find the rebate you are talking about the only rebate I could find was for cameras over $149… are they honoring it for the kodak?

    Cameras and Camcorders
    Rebate reward: $50.00 Gift Card
    Purchase dates: 11-07-2010 through 11-08-2010
    Postmark date: Purchase Date Plus 60 Days
    Promotion: Get a $50 Staples Gift Card with the Purchase of a Camera or Camcorder Regular Price $149 or more at Staples.
    Rebate Offer
    Number: 10-38581

    • Kathy

      This was what I was questioning above also.

    • The rebate doesn’t exclude sales price. This camera is regularly over $149 but on sale this week.
      Does that make sense?


      • Kathy

        Yes it does, thanks Mercedes for clarifying that. That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure. Do you know if the website is showing out of stock on this camera, that also means the stores would not have it in stock either? Or would you recommend calling the store directly?

  • Daphne

    I’m so sad, it’s out-of-stock! Thanks, hope someone got it at this good deal.

  • Maria S.

    OUT OF STOCK, and it looks like it’s for delivery only.
    Sure would have been nice since some “trash” smashed my “husbands” truck window last night and got away with some things, including my only camera. Was only in the store for 10 minutes with my son buying Toy Story 3 for him, and a bear to donate for the Toys for Tots bin inside the store.
    NOT donating anything more NOW!
    At least $3000 damage to the truck, plus what was stolen, and the PRICELESS pictures and videos.
    Figures, “trash” thrives in this world, and good people are treated like dirt!
    I’m in the store with my son for a few minutes, and while he’s having fun picking out a big stuffed bear and putting it in the Toys for Tots bin for another child, his security is being literally shattered at the very moment, and he has to come out and see his father’s “Marine truck” as he calls it, and my husband is a Marine war veteran, with the window bashed in, glass everywhere, and the door locks bashed in!
    Just had to vent!

    • Kathy

      Maria, I am so very sorry for what happened to you. That is very sad and terrible that someone did that and I know how priceless the pictures and videos are and that probably is what is the most upsetting, along with your son learning how bad some people are to have done this. Try not to be too discouraged even though it is hard when something like this happens. Please don’t connect your donating and doing something good with the tragedy of there being people doing bad. It really could have happened anywhere at anytime. Concentrate on showing your child that you were helping less fortunate children by donating and try to turn it into a learning lesson for him, even though it’s sad that our children have to learn that there are people out there that do these horrible things to others. Your experience made me recall one of my own … many years ago our house was robbed on Christmas Eve when we were attending church services. Came home to a ransacked mess and Christmas gifts, money and jewelry stolen. Our daughter was one year old. I felt somewhat like you did … here we are in church while some creep is stealing from us!! It was terrible, but we counted our blessings that we were all okay and all that was stolen was material stuff and we still had each other and were safe and alive.
      I know you are very upset right now, but I hope you will continue to good for others and not let this incident discourage you. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

      • Maria S.

        I don’t have much in the first place, so donating is limited for me and I can only really do it because of reading about awesome savings on blogs like this, and clearance items I find in stores. Thing is, I have had to struggle, and still am, and have never asked for or received help. I truly live in the ghetto, next to the worst people I can imagine, most won’t even drive over to this area when I have tried to sell a few things on Craigslist. One person even stopped, and then took off without buying a swing I was trying to sell, and then later emailed me that she had the money to go buy two new ones and called my child “inner-cty”. Living where I am stuck without a court battle, I have seen how bad people get away with everything, while the person trying to live peacefully is somehow considered the problem.
        I will just do what I have been trying to do: buy my paper from the homeless employed by the paper, adding an extra $1 and sometimes bring breakfast; asking the drive-thru employee at this time of year that was soooo friendly if they have any children and giving them a brand new toy if I have one that is age appropriate, but now keeping a couple brand new toys with me will just cause me to have my window smashed again; going through my small cupboard to donate when the post office has their food drive; and other little acts of kindness I have always tried to do because it actuall brightens my day. But where has it gotten me, a mean “husband”, stuck next to the most awful “trash” in the ghetto, a court battle if I try to leave for peace with my son, and sooooo many other things that I don’t know what I did to deserve this hell for so long.
        I am just tired of it all

  • Kim T.

    Called and my store doesn’t have any 🙁

  • Jenna

    Just got mine at my staples. Last one they had. Thanks!

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  • Becky

    My store said they were long gone. They had been on clearance the past two weeks and sold out early in the first week. 🙁 Would have loved to have gotten that for my mom!! Thanks as always for letting us know about great deals!

  • alice

    Thank you so much! Was able to get one for Christmas! You don’t know how much your website means to my family! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Tristie

    oh my these went fast no one in the state has it/Staples employee. (Wisconsin)

  • Nancy V.

    I bought this exact same camera early this year for around $150 (with a discount!). This is my second Kodak Easyshare camera and I LOVE the quality of the pictures, very easy to use. The only thing that drives me nuts is that it has a 2 to 3 second delay so I often miss the exact moment I want to capture.

  • Veronica

    Got one! Madison, WI Staples

  • Sarah

    Thank you!! I got one! I LOVE your blog! I got the camera, used the coupon, received the rebate gift card in addition to a second rebate for a credit to receive 75 4X6 pics.

  • Rose

    I got mine! It was on clearance for $97.50 at my store. Thank you so so so so much for letting us know about this deal. I have REALLY been in need of a camera but it was definitly not in our budget at regular price.

    • Kathy

      When I called my Staples store to ask if they had any of these cameras in stock, I was told that they only had one display model camera left and it was $97.50 and it was not eligible for the rebate. Was the one you bought the display model? Do you know if the clearance one is eligible for the rebate?

  • Andrea

    I have been looking for a new camera since the one I have now is about 5-6 years old. I had just bought a new camera last January and had never used it until I went to Epcot with my cousin and the person in charge of taking pictures dropped my NEW camera and broke it. Disney paid me for it so I was just waiting for a bargain to come along. Thank you so much. As soon as I saw this I called my local Staples. Got the last one there. They are on clearance because the model just came out. Whatever, good for me! I used the $15.00 coupon and the $50 gift card reward printed out. ALSO, a bonus… a printout for a certificate for 75 free prints or a free 5×7 photobook from Kodakgallery. WOO HOO!

  • You guys don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say you got this deal. It is awesome!


  • Cris

    Thank you so much for posting this deal. After checking the catalogue of Staples this week, and also the model’s reviews, I decided to buy the Canon PowerShot A3100 IS that is now $120 – $50 GC = $70!! And I paid with my staples rewards from recycling ink cartridges last months, plus others visa cards from past rebates, so I lowered the OOP.

  • Cris

    BTW, with the rebate of $50 GC, it comes also another rebate form for 1 free photo book from kodak or free photos.

  • Brenda A.

    I got my camera, thx for posting this awesome deal!

  • Dona

    I purchased one and it was on clearance at the Ocala, fl store (97.50). They allowed the $15.00 coupon and when the receipt printed it also had the $50.00 store card rebate and a rebate from Kodak for 75 free prints or a free photo-book. I would say thats is a great deal . < Thanks

  • Tricia

    Awesome! Just ran up to staples and got it. Thanks so much! My husband and I have a SLR camera but have been trying to find a smaller camera to take on vacation with us in two weeks so this was PERFECT timing!!! Thanks for all of your postings…I love this blog!