Staples: Marcal Toilet Paper 24 rolls for $3

Today only Staples is offering a super deal on Marcal toilet paper.  The ad shows it as $4.99 for a 24 roll pack of toilet paper.  But right now you can actually get a better deal if you order online and pick it up at the store.  Here is how to pay only $2.99 plus tax for 24 rolls of this toilet paper:

  • Log in to your Ebates (2% cash back) or Shopathome (3% cash back) account and
  • Search for Staples or click here to visit the Staples site
  • Then click on the “Deal-A-Day” and you will see the toilet paper deal
  • Click the “order now” button and add the toilet paper to your cart
  • Then at the top of the screen you will see this: “Order by catalog item #”
  • Enter 593805-v6 and order one
  • Go to your cart and adjust the quantity of ordered items down to one
  • Proceed to the check out process and you will see that the price is adjusted down to $2.99.  After the price is adjusted down you could actually order more of them.

Save on shipping by choosing in-store pick up. That’s a good deal for 24 rolls of this toilet paper.

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  • Anjelica

    Does anyone know if this toilet paper is paper thin, or like Angel Soft and Scott? I like the deal, but I HATE paper thin toilet paper.

  • Amy B.

    I have gotten several free rolls of this TP with coupons. Its very thin and very stiff and the rolls are much smaller than what I’m used to. It does have a little texture to it (more than scott) but its crunchier.. more like industrial paper. We have used what we got because it was free but I def. wouldn’t pay for this brand.

  • Amy B.

    ps – when i got through all these fancy steps the price jumps to $10.99 for 1

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  • Blazinfire69

    Once u enter your delivery options and address it shows the 2.99 price. I notice that I don’t have to pay right now I have the option of paying in store, do you think they’ll let me use a $1 off any marcal coupon in store, then it would be 1.99 for 24 rolls

  • Blazinfire69

    Oops never mind it says “How will you be paying today?” & I thought it said “will you be paying today”

  • I just got some! Thanks for the post!!

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  • Paula

    The price reduced to 2.99 after all the steps. Soft or not, my preschoolers who use a roll a week won’t know the difference but my budget will!

  • Michelle

    I get to the check out and it jumps back to $10.99. I don’t want to hit submit order with that price still showing. Maybe they figured it out. That would be one heck of a deal.

  • Michelle

    Is there a limit that anyone knows of?

  • Tam

    I ordered 5 packs of it. It gave me free shipping, and I was only charged $14.95. It’s a great deal. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Got it to work. Thank you so much. $0.25/roll was my previous buy price, got to love cutting that in half. I got 6 cases (4 for us and 2 for my parents) so I could get free shipping since the closest staples is 2hrs+ away. $18.93 for 6 cases. 🙂 When I couldn’t get it to work I wasn’t paying attention to the coupon column on the checkout.

  • Stephanie H

    I ordered 10 and I got free shipping. My total was 32.37 including tax shipped ot my house. I did this about 15 minutes ago. I was going to try to go down to staples this morning and use their online kiosk so I could use the coupons, but this post saved me from having to do that. It has really helped my saturday morning go smoothly and I still got the deal! I have used this tp before. It is not my favorite, but it isn’t bad either. I haven’t had any problems with it. Its not a premium paper, but not crummy either. Thanks!

  • liz g

    Awesome! I got 4 packs. I should have gotten more, but dh is really picky about this stuff!

  • Tracey

    I got 40 marcal coupons off ebay for .99(free shipping). I already got 20 free boxes of tissues and 7 free 4pk toilet paper from Redner’s this week (They ran out of the toilet paper). I have (13) $2 off toilet paper coupons left. So for a pack of 24 for .99 isn’t so bad. Does staples take coupons?

  • LindaB

    Just ordered 6 cases to be delivered. We don’t use it at home by my hubby uses this for his small business…yeah, those guys go through a lot of TP…lol

  • mary

    Another alternative to the Staples deal… if you live near an Albertson’s in FL, they have the 4 roll TP packs for .88 this week so if you use the $1 coupon from the recent insert you can get them for free there. My store adjusts the coupon to .88 so no overage. Granted the Marcal rolls don’t have much paper on a roll & the paper isn’t soft like Charmin, but I find the quality to be OK. It’s much better than the single ply Scott TP IMHO. I get the Marcal when it’s free, but not so sure I’d pay regular price for them.

    To the poster who asked if Staples takes coupons. I used the Bic pen coupons there last year without issue.

  • Anna

    I want to do this deal but something makes me feel not so good about it. If you don’t mind me asking, where did the coupon code come from?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Kris

      I too don’t feel good about this. It is not using a coupon code, it is taking an advantage of a computer system glitch. Seems shady to me.

      • Kris,
        How do you know it’s a computer glitch not staples offering a better deal online?


        • Kris

          I was viewing the ad online and it says the $4.99 price is only available online or by phone (you can see that in the small print on the bottom of the ad), so it seems to me the intent was not for $2.99 since $4.99 is their advertised online price. I just thought I’d share. I only do deals I feel morally comfortable with. Take care.

    • Anna,

      That is not a coupon code. It’s the item stock number.


      • Kris

        Because they advertise it on their online page as $4.99 not $2.99. You have to put the item number in and then adjust the number down in order to get the lower price. That is not a usual way to order online. To each their own though. I enjoy reading the deals even if I don’t partake of some of them.

        • Marsha

          Kris, talked to Staples. they are aware of the $2.99 price and it is legal to do. However, you can use your own judgement, but I will say this is one of the worst products on the market. The rolls are very, very small and very rough. It is not a bargin at any price.

  • Anna

    I ordered 10 packs of this for a grand total of $31.70 (included free S&H). My husband and I are keeping 3 packs and my brother-in-law is getting 7 for his small business. I can’t believe what a great deal this is. We were orginally going to order 12, but my husband noticed the price jumped up. It looks like 10 was the limit for this deal 🙂

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  • Sue

    Hi Mercedes,
    I was just about to send you a note asking if you knew of any good deals on tp. And then you posted this today!!! Yippee!!! Thank you so much. I bought 3 but might go back and order more. Now, I’m looking for antiperspirant/deodorant for my brother-in-law so if you know of any good deals I’d appreciate the post!


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  • Ashlyn

    Thank you for this great deal. I was also able to use my staples rewards coupon of $15.80. This made 6 packages just $2.32. Sa-weet!

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  • Hannah

    Thanks for the deal – I ordered 6 for under $20 delivered. To those worried about the ethics, you’re being silly. If it’s a problem for Staples, they’ll cancel the orders. They’ve done that in the past if something was an error on their site and they can’t honor the deal. Or it may be perfectly fine with them and they will honor it. Don’t know if you don’t try. This brand is offering sales everywhere right now so people are getting them free in some places even so obviously the manufacturer is offering heavy incentives to their distributors. I’ve been curious about the brand so this gives me a cheap way to try it. Office supply stores have been offering a lot of freebies even these days – so I say take advantage of it when it’s available : )

  • erin w

    I don’t mind about low quality tp. I’m not picky, and if you are, you could still get a pack to keep around for when nothing else is on sale, or those times when you get sick and can’t get out to the store. I think this is a steal of a price, we got 4. Thank you Mercedes!

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  • Cathy

    For the record, this is what I see on Staples web site w/regard to the Marcal TP:

    While supplies last.

    Offer Expires on 05/22/2010

    Reg: $18.99
    Save: -$8.00
    Now: $10.99
    Instant Savings: -$8.00
    Price after savings: $2.99
    24 Rolls/Case

    So, while the quality may be somewhat in question, the web site clearly states that the prise is $2.99. What’s not to feel good about that?


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  • kc

    Marcal TP all sold out!!!

  • Sue

    Went to order more for myself and for a friend, all sold out! 🙁

  • Sharon

    I didn’t see anybody mention the benefit that this is 100% recycled. So many trees are destroyed for toilet paper. I saw an article not too long ago that the soft toilet paper everyone likes is causing an ecological disaster. It used 98% virgin wood from the forest. I used to care about the toilet paper I used too..until I read that article.

  • Ci

    Well I am 0 and 2 with “deals” from this site. Just got email cancelling my order.

  • Sharon

    Mine got cancelled too. Darn!

  • Sonjia

    Mine was cancelled too. Disappointing!

  • just received email that it was cancelled. Totally “bum”med!

  • Michelle

    Mine got canceled too. I placed my order at 9am so they sold out pretty quickly.

  • lisa cee

    Mine was cancelled and I ordered at like 6am. So is this possibly a changed mind on staples part? Did anyone get their order filled?

  • nancy

    Mine was cancelled. Seems like a bad company to deal with.

  • lisa cee

    Just talked with staples and they claim that they were just overwhelmed by the orders. The rep says she saw orders filled for this product at 4.99 and 2.99 prices. It also depends where you live different areas sold out faster. Super bummed!

  • SoCal

    I saw the Special Saturday 5/22/10 and I ordered 10 Cases regardless of what the other reviews. I got a cancellation email on Monday 5/24/10 at 4pm Pacific Time. I called and customer service rep told me the product was out of stock between the time I order and my Credit Card Authorized.. Really?? com’on~ This is a SCAM. I am looking for a Class Action Law Suit to join. Staples just Lost a customer!

    By the way.. The item is in STOCK on Staples website…. Total SCAM.

  • Deb

    Just got an email saying that they were sold out and my cc would not be charged.

  • Dona

    Cancelled my order also.

  • Cathy

    Mine was canceled yesterday, and when I called Staples about the comparable product that was mentioned, they didn’t have that, either. I weary of excuses from companies. How is the customer’s fault that the company has a glitch in their system (that is what Staples told me)? I asked why the order would have gone through when it was sold out? No answer, except that there was probably a glitch.

    So much for good customer service.

    Cathy Csider

  • Ci

    WOW, it is one thing to “run out” of an item. It is quite another to send the emails I have gotten from Staples. They have lost me as a customer.

  • Sharon

    Mine also got cancelled; I’m wondering if ANYONE actually got their order fulfilled or if anyone has had any luck with calling and getting them to honor this deal. It’s one thing to have a limited number available but when you place an order and that item is still available on the website to order for SIX more hours (I ordered mine at 9:15a) they should be obligated to honor their offer.

  • liz g

    Mine was cancelled, and they *still* ran my credit card. I emailed them last night, (6 days later!), to say I expected the charge off my card in 24 hours. They wrote back a curt email to say it would be off in 2 business days, which means it won’t be off any earlier than TUESDAY of next week, due to the holiday. UNACCEPTABLE! I used to work in IT, coincidentally, running financial software processes. There’s no reason for it to take 2 business days; this could be fixed by tonight if they were interested in fixing the problem. If you can take the money *out* in less than a day, you can put it back *in* in less than a day, unless you are interested in borrowing that money for a little while. What a load of crap! I won’t set foot in a Staples store again.

  • Sue

    I actually went to the store to pick up my tp but it wasn’t there. When I got home I checked my emails and there it was…the cancellation notice. I don’t understand how this could have happened either…unless they screwed up.