Staples: More Super Cheap Paper and $1 Goodies


Wow, I am really wishing there was a Staples in the town I live because Staples is really having some great deals lately. I am assuming as back to school shopping season kicks on in July the deals will get even better. Anyway, this week there are quite a few things you can get for very very cheap.

Easy Rebate Deals

HP Office Paper 5 Ream/Half Case(664252) $24.99 (in store price), Buy two for $49.98 and get a $24.99 Easy rebate back (Limit 2 rebates per customer)
Staples Bright White Multipurpose Ream (651659) $7.29, buy two for $14.58 and get $5.29 Easyrebate back (Limit 2 rebates per customer)
60 Pack Staples Photo Plus 4″x6″ paper (648177) $9.99, get $8.99 Easy rebate back when you buy one (Limit 2 rebates per customer)

Dollar deals

Pentall RSVP ballpoint ballpoint pens, fine, assorted 5 pack $1 (reg. $2.49)
Sharpie Market Accent assorted highlighters 6 pack $1 (reg. $4.49)
Crayola 24 pack of crayons $1
Staples Accel 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ fat book 200 sheets $1 (reg. $2.49)
Swingline 8″ bent handle scissors $1 (reg. $6.99) Thanks Bargain Briana!

Deal Idea
$49.98 Buy two half cases of HP paper
$1 Crayola 24 pack of Crayons
=$50.98 subtotal
Use $15 off $50 Office Depot Coupon (Staples takes competitors coupons)
Pay $35.98 plus tax out of pocket and get $24.99 Visa prepaid Debit Card for HP paper Easy Rebate PLUS $4.99 in Staples Rewards. That’s like paying $6 for ten reams of paper after coupons, rebate and Staples rewards!

Happy Savings!

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  • That is a great scenario!! I am linking to your breakdown 🙂

  • Theresa

    Went yesterday…mine didn’t accept the coupon but I but the bright white paper and photo paper anyway, still a good deal at 1 and 2 dollars a peice with rebates! Thanks for the tips! I might have to go back for dollar deals!

  • Robin

    Thanks so much! I saw your post yesterday about Staples and found a bunch of great deals.

    Staples Basic Notebook Organizer (originally $12.99) PAID $2.50 (bought 6)
    2 Flash Drives 1G w/ Wallet (originally $19.99) PAID $7.90 (bought 2 for a total of 4 drives)
    Prismacolor Art Markers (originally $33.50) PAID $6.50 (bought 2)
    Trolli Gummy Worms $4.99 (originally $4.99) PAID $1.50
    Elmers Science Fair Book (originally $4.99) PAID $0.50
    Write Bros 2 Pen Set (originally $5.99) PAID $1.50 (bought 6 for teacher gifts)
    Sharpie Highliters (6 multicolor) (originally $5.99) PAID $1.00 (bought 6)
    Sunkist Pistachios (originally $7.00) PAID $3.50 (bought 2)
    Blue’s Clues Wipe-
    off placemat (originally $4.99) PAID $0.50
    Nestle Asst Minis 40oz. (originally $11.99) PAID $2.50
    HP Office Paper case (originally $24.99) PAID $19.99 per (sign was mismarked and Staples honored this price)
    Had Office Depot coupon for $15 off $50
    Submitted rebate request last night for $24.99 Visa Card

    I bought a bunch of other little 50 cent things–Blue’s Clues wipe-off placemats, binder clips, pre-cut poster letters and shapes, Curious George stickers, dinosaur window clings and smiley-face window clings.

    I shared the paper with my neighbor who is a kindergarten teacher and a great friend. I also gave her the placemats, stickers and clings.

    After the rebate, I probably spent $75 for a carload of useful stuff (a total of 45 items) that would probably have cost about $300!

    • Robin,

      You are making me very very jealous! 😉


  • Robin

    I forgot the box of 60 PaperMate Pens for $1.50!

  • Ashley

    I tried this scenario today and it worked great with the $25 off coupon I purchased from Ebay. The totals were a bit higher (because of stinkin 9.25% sales tax in TN), but still an awesome deal on a truckload of paper that we will definitely use!

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    I don�t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. Good Stuff – Nice Money Idea too:)