Staples: Two Cases of Paper for Super Cheap

Time to stock up on paper!!  I know you need it with all the hot printable coupons I share with you.  Staples has a really good deal on reams of paper this week and here’s how to get it cheap AND delivered to your front door for free:

  • Sign on or login to your Ebates (2% cashback) or Shop at Home (3% cashback)
  • Once you are logged in, serach for Staples and click to shop at Staples.
  • Once at the Staples website, search for item number: 122374-QJ (add two to your cart)
  • Now look for a cheap filler to bring your total over $50: try Bic Pens ($1.29) or Cap Erasers, Assorted, 12/Pack ($0.99)
  • Click Add Edit Coupon on the next page. Use Coupon: 47617 to save $10
  • Your total will be $41 or so after $10 coupon plus your local Sales Tax

Then submit your receipt for Staples Easy Rebate (yes, it really is that easy) and you will get back $32 via rebate. PLUS you will get either 2% or 3% cash back via Ebates or Shop at Home. if you are new to either program you get a $5 bonus to boot.  Your total could be as low as $3 after coupon and rebates. Now, that IS a lot of paper but I am sure you will go through it. if you think it is still too much go in this deal with a friend or family member.

Thanks Passion for Savings!

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  • jen

    at the rebate site, do you enter it in as 2 rebates or one? I submitted the rebate and it just says rebate 1: get a 16 visa. So will they send me one or 2 ????

  • Wow, that is a pretty complicated way to get a discount lol.

    At any rate, saving $10 on a $50 purchase is pretty good. Who can argue with 20% off.

    Thanks for the info!



    • its not complicated if you follow the detailed instructions.


  • Stephanie

    My total came to $50.77 (.79 erasers) after coupon was $43.22. When I submitted for rebate it also only showed one $16 prepaid visa. It said it would give you two if you qualified but it didn’t show up anywhere which makes me a little nervous. I guess I will have to wait and see. If it works my out of pocket was still $10.31 (still cheap for two cases of paper and free delivery) as I was not new to Ebates or Shop at Home.

    • Here are the details of the promo. You can also mail the form as well to make sure. keep a copy. anyways, online it goes through for both, not just one.

      Purchase must be made between 04/18/10 and 04/24/10. Requests MUST be submitted online or postmarked within 60 days from date of purchase. To submit online go to and follow the instructions. To mail rebate STAPLES STORE PURCHASE: Send ONLY the completed ORIGINAL rebate redemption form printed from the cash register. STAPLES.COM/CATALOG PURCHASE: Send the ORIGINAL completed rebate redemption form with the ORIGINAL or a COPY of a packing slip. Photocopies not accepted. Offer valid in US only. Good for actual purchases by end users; excludes resellers and distributors of products and their families. You should receive your rebate within 4-6 weeks after claim is received. All rebates will be issued in US dollars, in the form of a Visa (R) prepaid card, Check, or Staples Gift Card. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail and illegible entries. Staples logo and product names are trademarks of Staples and their respective companies. Limit 2 rebates per name/address/household. For questions about your rebate call 1-877-266-6483.

      • Sierra Martin

        i’m not sure if this will help, but when i did the $1 hammermil rebate (limit 2) a month before, it only showed 1 on easy rebates for a couple days, and then it automatically updated to two. I’m not sure why this is, my guess is that it takes a couple days before it links the order to your request.

    • Denise

      You should be ok on those rebates. Even though it just looks like 1 is showing I just got email confirmation that my 2 -$16 rebates in are in the process. Denise

  • What an awesome deal! I just ordered and now I am going to submit the rebate. Thank you!

  • Rachel

    I am so confused (maybe it’s a lack of sleep with sick kids!)! I just went to do this deal as I have abotu 10 sheets of paper left and as I’m seeing it I have to pay $37/box right now which makes the total $75.98 so I’m already doing it wrong! HELP! I need paper! (Is the deal dead already? or is it regional?)

    Thanks for your help!

    • Rachel

      Okay…I just went and tried again and it’s now ringing up at $24/box…again…I’m so confused! 🙂

  • Pam

    Just ordered mine! Thank you so much!

  • Victoria

    Great deal! Thanks so much! I am always trying to figure out how to stop using so much paper. I cut my coupons off and use the rest either for drawing paper for my 4 year old or I sometimes put the remaining (If the q was at the top) back in the printer and use the remainder for another print (if I know it prints at the top and not middle of the page) . This will keep us all occupied for quitre a while!!!!lol Thanks for all you do~!

    • Mey

      I do the same!!!

  • I just want to thank you so very, very much for the step by step instructions that made this rebate so very easy!!! I have never had such an easy time doing anything, and you have helped our family so much. It is hard to face husband’s job being outsourced and I have a high school and a college student that go thru paper like mad! You have helped our family in ways you won’t even know!!!

  • Denise

    Thanks so much Mercedes. It was so easy with your step by step instructions, I really appreciate the time you put into letting us know about these great buys. And free shipping to boot is just great. I use and I will get 2% back from Staples.I do go through alot of paper so these 2 cases should keep me going for quite a long time. Denise from NH

  • Melisa

    Thank you so much for a really great deal! After I followed the very easy, detailed instructions, I was immediately directed to the rebate page. I have never seen a rebate that you can submit before you even receive the product! My total after coupon and taxes was $44.47 and I will get $32.00 in rebates for OOP 12.47 for 2 cases of paper and a dozen pens delivered to my door! I don’t even have to drive to the store to get it. THANKS!!!

  • Becky

    Has anyone done this at the store? Does it have to be online? I know I would get the ebates back but there is a store around the corner from my office.

    • yep, you can do it in stores too.


  • This is from the easy rebate site for those who were worried about it only showing one $16 rebate…

    Note: If you purchased multiples of a product with a rebate, you only need to enter the rebate offer number once. The system will use your order number to verify the number of rebate products you purchased, and will update your status to reflect the multiple rebates within 24 hours.

    Thanks for the amazing deal and instructions!!!

  • Kris

    This is what it said when I entered the rebate: “Note: If you purchased multiples of a product with a rebate, you only need to enter the rebate offer number once. The system will use your order number to verify the number of rebate products you purchased, and will update your status to reflect the multiple rebates within 24 hours.” Such a good deal, but wow that’s a lot of paper!

    • Kris

      Haha sorry for the repeat…. it wasn’t there when I submitted mine. 🙂

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  • Kristin H.

    Thank you so much Mercedes! Molly soon to be 8 goes through paper like crazy! THis is an awesome deal! I also have been enjoying all those printables! Miss you here in WI!

  • TINA

    Thanks ordered mine this morning. Kept tossing and turning over if I really wanted to do it or not. Then the boyfriend convinced me on it. lol Glad I did. the way I print and use coupons it sure is a great deal!!

  • Chris

    If you purchased more than one of same product or different products with the same Rebate Offer Number you will only need to enter the Rebate Offer Number once. The system will identify the correct quantity and products associated with the Rebate Offer Number.

    This is what it said when I tried to enter two rebates.

  • robin

    I tried to do this today and the paper is showing up as $21.99 after the $16 rebate. I don’t see how there will be an additional $16 off. the original price was $37.99. Are the prices not the same everywhere? To me it looks like the rebate was already applied.

    • deb

      I did this too this morning, and I contacted customer support and she said that the price of $21.99 was after rebate is applied. So I am not sure what is going on.

  • Lisa

    If I do this in a store, not online, what do I use for the $10 coupon? (online you enter the 47617 code)

  • Denise

    Perhaps the offer changed from the 1st day Mercedes posted it to when you tried doing it. I did it the first day and had no problems and I received confirmation of my 2-$16 rebates pending.

  • Sara

    This was great! Thanks for the heads up. I also used an Ink Rewards that I had that was expiring… so money maker for me! Woo Hoo.