Starbucks: Half Off Frappuccinos 5/7-5/16

Gosh I love Frapps!  I don’t necessarily love the price or calories that come with it, but oh well!  Next week, there is a solution for the price problem, so that’s half the battle right?  Stop over your local Starbucks from 5/7 through 5/16 during happy hour (3-5PM) and get your frapp for half off. More info about this offer here.

Wow! now that I think about it if I have a frappucino that late I won’t get to sleep until 1am.  Well, for those of you used to drinking coffee that late, this one is for you.

Thanks Clippin with Carie!

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  • Lisa

    Get a non-coffee one and remember to customize it. I want a green tea one with extra matcha 😉

  • Norah

    Just wanted to let you know, I saw low-cal frappies @ a Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. Don’t know if it’s everywhere yet, but that sure makes my day!

  • Lisa @ The Spot To Save

    Mercedes – they make Frapp custom now!! Decaf, non-fat whatever you want. If my email was working I would forward you the link. Check into it. With you offer and this info we can have some Frapps and not be up all night!! YAY!!

  • Lisa @ The Spot To Save

    Me again – FOUND IT! The link you have for the Happy Hour has the customize your Frapp info. Just click on the customize button. Hope this makes you happy!

  • You guys are too good to me!! decaf, low cal frapp here I come (next week anyways) LOL