Stay Safe this Halloween with these Safety Tips

halloween-safety-tipsHalloween is Monday, can you believe it? Halloween is such a fun holiday with costumes and candy. It’s one that my kids look forward to all year.  I mean, getting a whole basket full of candy by just walking around the neighborhood? How can you not love that? However, Halloween can be one of those holidays that can be dangerous too. From food allergies to dark neighborhoods, you’ll want to keep your kids safe.  Here are a few tips to help you out.

Tip #1 Bring a Light: Traditionally Trick or Treating starts when it’s dark.  Plus, kids are in dark costumes making it hard to see them. Those alone are safety concerns with kids. To make it easier for the kids to be seen, be sure EACH child has a light with them or on them.  You can do this by buying Glow in the Dark items.  One great option are these super cute Glow in the Dark Bracelets from Walmart for only $2.00 each! You can choose FREE store pickup so you can have them in time for Monday.  Another great option are headlamps. Parents can wear these as well as kids.  Walmart has a great Ozark Trail combo pack with 1 flashlight and 1 headlamp for only 4.82! So there are a few ways to keep the kids bright enough to be seen by people and cars.

Tip #2 Candy Check: Be sure to do a quick check for opened candy, hard candy for those little kids, and any food/candy that may look out of place. If your gut says something is wrong, throw it out.  I always let the kids eat a few pieces along the way, but stop at a street light or use your flashlight and check the candies that are chosen before they eat them. Then when they get home, do the candy check on all of the items. If your kids have allergies, this is especially important.

Tip #3 Face Paint Instead of Masks: Masks are super fun but they also block your sight, especially at night. This can be extremely dangerous when they are running across streets. Try using Non-Toxic face paint instead. This way you won’t be affecting their sight. If you do use face paint, be sure to always test small areas on your face before you cover it.  You want to make sure you aren’t allergic. Also, be sure to clean your face thoroughly before you go to bed.

Tip#4 Make a Well Known Route: Teach children where they can go for trick or treating. Create a route that goes along well lit sidewalks and to houses that they know. This is especially important if your older kids are going by themselves. They want to be in safe areas where they are familiar with.

Tip#5 Use LED Lights and Carving Knives: When creating your perfect Jack-O-Lantern, try using the cutting knives that come in in the pumpkin carving packages.  These small knives are perfect and even younger kids can use them.  Avoid using kitchen knives that may be dull.  Using those could result injuries. Also, instead of using candles in your pumpkins, try using LED lights.  You can grab these safe LED lights at Walmart for around $3.00 each.

Hopefully these tips will remind you of a few ideas to keep you and your kids safe. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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