Stonyfield Rewards: Free Stuff for You

Did you know that Stonyfield has a rewards program?  Neither did I.  But since my little one started solids recently and baby yogurt is a few weeks away, I decided to start looking for coupons and offers on Yobaby products.  If you and your family consume Stonyfield products on a regular basis, then you need to check this out.

All of Stonyfield’s 32 ounce quarts, 6oz Fat Free, Low Fat and Whole Milk cups, O’Soy 6 ounce cups and YoBaby Meals, Drinks and Multipacks have codes on the packaging. The codes range in value from 1-4 points each.  Collect these codes, enter them in your Stonyfield Rewards Account and redeem them for free stuff.  Of course all of the items in the Rewards catalog are eco-friendly.  It should be easy to collect 20 points to redeem for a Stonyfield Probiotic Multipack.  With 25 points you can redeem for a free Yobaby yogurt Multipack or free Bear Naked granola product.

I know there are a lot of other rewards programs by companies out there.  It would be neat to compile a list.  If you know of any other program that rewards customer loyalty make sure to share in the comments section to get a list going.

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  • wendy

    I love this program. For 25 points you can get a coupon for a free box of Nature’s Path cereal or for 30 points a coupon for Woodstock Farms Organic frozen fruit. The rewards come within a few days. When I buy the Stonyfield products I enter the codes before I eat them so I don’t mess up!

  • wendy

    Whoops! They took away the Nature’s Path reward. Sorry.

  • Mary

    I started doing this fairly recently, too. I think the program has been extended through September, so I’m going to see what I can get. Even a bag of granola would be great. They have really good yogurt and I’m always able to buy them on sale, so this is like a little extra perk.

  • I love Stonyfield.
    I grabbed your button. (it is in my right hand sidebar at the bottom)
    I’d love it if you come visit my blog and grab my button if you like it!

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  • You must be my kindred spirit. Posting all these organic deals is awesome!

    • Kristina L.

      I can not figure out how to put a picture of myself up next to my comment like you have can you help????

  • Joy

    Thanks for the reminder. I have about 20 lid tops with codes that I need to enter. 🙂

  • Mona

    I love the Stonyfield rewards program however the codes can be tricky to decipher. I have 3 lids from Yobaby that are worth 4 pts each and I have tried to enter it in a dozen different ways and it still won’t take it. They say a ‘S’ can be a ‘5’ or a ‘B’ can be an ‘8’…..drives me nuts!

  • Jac

    I don’t know if you are only looking for natural/organic loyalty rewards but Stouffers has a similar program. Enter the codes found on the inside of the box for coupons like, 1$ off, Buy 1 get 1 Free, or entirely Free.

    Nature’s Bounty Vitamins has a similar program.

  • Bin

    Good luck trying to get Stonyfield to send you the rewards coupons. I redeemed several codes for the coupons and yet to get them in the mail. I contacted Stonyfield about the delay and was told to lokk out for them in the mail. That was a month ago.

  • Kristina

    Hello Bin,

    My name is Kristina and I work at Stonyfield in the Communications department. I’m wondering if you have received your coupons yet. Please email me at and I’d love to help you out.

    Stonyfield Farm