Stretch Island Original Fruit Leather (Pack of 30) for $8.92

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  • Joella

    Strawberry is our favorite, but we like raspberry & cherry too! I think Costco’s price is better… it’s a multipack of 48 with 6 different flavors.

  • heidi

    My kids like the strawberry, grape, cherry, and raspberry.

  • Donna Archambault

    We Love the apricot! Have purchased from this company for quite awhile and have NEVER been disappointed!

  • amber margheim

    These are pretty good. DD has food dye allergies. You can also Subscribe and Save on Fruit Roll ups Simply Fruit which has about the same nutrition for .44 an oz at Amazon. The Stretch kind with Subscribe and Save is .59 an oz I think.

  • Thanks guys!
    I do have a costco membership, so I think I will try that deal instead.


  • My kids love these! They love strawberry, grape and raspberry!


  • I like Cherry the best. I do thing the Stretch Island fruit has more real fruit than the simply fruit roll ups that you get at Costco. I have some right now and the kids like it, but it still seems very fake to me. Might try the stretch island instead.

  • My kids like these but I prefer to buy the organic varieties. I used to buy them direct from Stretch Island and got free shipping, but it’s been a while. My kids like strawberry, but that’s one of the worst fruits in terms of tons of pesticides so it really ought to be called “just fruit and chemicals” if you don’t get organic. 🙁

    You can also make your own:

  • Kelly B.

    My kids have always loved these! I’ve been getting them since my 12 year old was little. They used to do a weekly giveaway on their site of free samples, and that’s how we first tried them. Anyway, they are all naturally, not sweetened with sugar, and they have a tough, leathery texture. They are like 79 cents each at Harris Teeter. My daughter’s favorite is the apricot, and my boys like the mango. Mango is not available to ship immediately, so it’s temporarily not available for subscribe & save. So my boys got grape, and my daughter got apricot. Honestly, though, they are all very good! I once bought a case that was a variety pack at Big Lots, and all the flavors were dynamite!