Stylish on a Budget

Who says you have to sacrifice style when you don’t want to spend too much?  I did.  For years, I have avoided buying stylish clothes and accessories and instead bought “safe” pieces I thought could be worn across the years.  But lately I have been feeling tired of my style (or lack of it).

I want to change and for tips on how to look better for less I turned to the fashion expert herself: Audrey from MomGenerations.  Audrey is a mom of four boys aged four and under.  But before that she worked for many years for Donna Karan in NYC.  If anyone knows fashion, it’s her.  I asked for her help because she is currently doing “365 Days of Fashion Advice” on her blog.  Her purpose is to give moms simple advice to help them look fabulous.

So, I gave her a cold call, really, I felt like a telemarketer.  Well it was actually an email.  I asked if she would be willing to give me personal advice, and she agreed!  She asked me to create a video showing her what I have.  This was important because I can’t invest in a new full wardrobe and wanted to just add certain pieces to it.  Yesterday she posted her fashion advice on video.  I hope you will stop by and watch it because the advice is very good and applicable to anyone.

Doesn’t it feel like an episode from What not to Wear?  Except that now I have to go shopping for the items she suggested I buy.  I am already thinking I could find some good deals at TJMaxx or Marshall’s.  If you guys are interested I could create a conclusion video like they do on What not to Wear, show the new and improved me. What do you think?.

If you are feeling tired of your style or maybe lack one like I do.  Please stop by Audrey’s blog to get some fashion advice.  You may also want to subscribe to her feed to get her advice delivered to your reader of choice.

Thank you Audrey for your time in putting together these tips for me.

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  • that was awesome Mercedes! How fun. I am in the same boat as far as casual clothing. When I saw your video I was definitely thinking that dark colors would look great on you. Especially a dark chocolate brown. Have fun adding new pieces! What conferences are you going to? I was thinking about trying to go to one, but it would have to be summer, to work around my husband’s schedule.

    • Thank you guys!
      That was really a lot of fun to do and what I like is that it is up to me to find a good deal on the pieced and that I can do well.

      I will update, I promise.


  • charlene

    Hi Mercedes,

    Thanks for doing this! I can get WAGS deals all day long and have a closet of toothpaste and pasta and everything else to show for it- but when it comes to decorating the house, making myself look decent etc.. That is where I REALLY need help pinching pennies. She has some cute ideas but frankly a $40 t-shirt for maternity wear is out of the question for me so I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I prefer to call my new mommy wardrobe a glimpse at the clearance rack 🙂

  • Deb H.

    What a great post. Thank you. I also have been a SAHM for about 15 years now and I will spend money on my family, but not me. Often I will browse second hand shops but am at a loss as to what to purchase! I will definitely go to her site! Have fun and PLEASE do post a follow-up video!

  • Can’t wait to see the after video!

  • I think a conclusion video is a terrific idea – I’d love to see the “new and improved” you! I’m not a mom but unemployed right now and have totally fallen into the no-makeup, all yoga attire mode. Actually the yoga attire is a step up from my earlier sweatpant phase, at least…

  • Great video, Mercedes. It takes a lot to go out and just ask for advice like that – you’re brave!

    Your little boy is adorable. So sweet!!

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