Dead Now: Suave Hair Care Coupon = Free at Rite Aid

There are no more prints available.

Save $2 on Suave Professional Hair Care products with this printable coupon.  This is a “very” high value coupon that will probably mean FREE shampoo or conditioner.  You can only print one of this coupon.

This week Rite Aid has these products on sale for $2, so get them free with this coupon.  Thanks The Thrifty Couple!

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  • melina

    Hi! Someone know if is a RITE AID in Chicago, Il?

    • Amanda

      I dont know if there is a Rite Aid there, But this shampoo runs about 2-250 in stores like Walmart and Target also.

  • rita

    there’s no more prints 🙁

  • Meichelle

    No more prints 🙁

  • sheree

    there are no more prints

  • d

    no more prints :o(

  • Erika

    wow dat was fast, i saw this like 1am but didnt want to get up to print, i wish i had a wireless printer!!!!

  • Kim

    I printed it last night and went to the RiteAid store this morning to redeem. When the cashier scanned the coupon it wouldn’t go through. He said it was because I had to buy the type that was pictured even though the coupon read “on any shampoo or conditioner”. I told him I did not see any of those on the shelf and so he went to look and of course they did not have any. He said he didn’t care and just forced the coupon to go through. So I was able to get it for free!