Summer Reading Programs = Free Kid’s Books

I know school is not over yet, but almost.  Both Barnes and Noble and Borders are rolling out Summer Reading Programs to help you keep your child busy this summer.  Here are the details for both programs:

Barnes and Noble:  Kids, 12 and younger, read any 8 books and track then on the Passport to Reading form.  Once completed turn in your Passport in at your local Barnes and Noble before 9/7/10 and get a free book for 8 titles your children read.  There are titles in both English and Spanish.

Borders:  With Borders program children 12 and younger get a free book when they read 10 books.  All they need to do is track the titles they have read in the Double Dog Dare form.  Bring your completed form by your local Borders before 8/26/10 to claim your free book.

Thanks Clever Couponing!

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  • Susan

    Thanks for sharing. this will work great for my son since I told him he has to have a reading list for the summer. Anything to encourage him to read. He does not like to read.

  • Melody

    My daughter is 5 and going into Preschool. Do you think they might exclude her from either of these? I LOVE books. Especially free ones, and we read most every night already.

    • Melody,
      I think the ages started at 3, so your daughter should be good.


      • Melody

        Oops, I meant to say going into Kindergarten. I guess they won’t know the difference between a year later and that, right? Thanks for the help.

    • Ginny

      B&N form says it starts at 1st grade, but i asked them if my kindergartener could participate last year and they said yes.

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  • Ann

    The BN form (read “see details” on the step 3) seems to imply that it’s for every “school age” child (grades 1-6)

  • Michele

    What about if you dont have one of those in your town but within 1 hr away. Does the reading have to be a book wwe buy at those stores?

    • Ginny

      you can read ANY books

  • Megan

    For those with younger children (less than school age), be sure to check your local library. Our library did the summer reading program and allowed even small infants to do it (count books read to them) and our daughter, who wasn’t even 1 at the time, earned free books that way.

  • Julie

    Yes, I was going to say what Megan said. I am the librarian at a small-town library more than an hour away from a bookstore, and we run a summer reading program every year (most public libraries do) for children of various ages. Different libraries structure them in different ways and often offer different prizes and incentives including free books (my library also gives prizes like book lights and stuff, along with Amazon gift cards for the top readers). They’re good programs and completely free.

  • does anyone know if books a million offers anything similar? we have 2 of those much more convenient to us than B&N or Borders. I checked their website and couldn’t find anything.

  • Rachel

    Library suggestion thirded!! Libraries have been doing this for years. I remember doing my summer reading programs twenty years ago– I think the prizes we give out now are much better! At my current library, we turn to local community stores for donations to summer reading programs and will get toys and even gift cards.

    BY THE WAY! Parents can participate in the Adult Summer Reading Programs at your local libraries too! We raffle off gift certificates for restaurants, Walgreens, local services, this year we even got a donation from the local country club for a free round of golf!