Sunsilk Moneymaker Deal at Walgreens through 4/18

Oh! I just have to share this deal with you. I just read on AFC and HCW that Sunsilk 12oz bottles of shampoo and conditioner are on clearance for $1.09 each.  They are also part of the Unilever Register Reward Deal: buy 6, get $6 RR back.  I blogged earlier about the new Kmart coupon booklet.  There’s a $2/2 any sunsilk hair product coupon in it.  Here’s how this deal would play out.

$6.54 buy six sunsilk shampoo/conditioner bottles on clearance (make sure to price check if not tagged at your store)
-$6 when you use $2/2 coupon from Kmart coupon booklet
=Pay $0.54 plus tax out of pocket and get a $6 RR back!  Sweeeet!

Even if you don’t have the Kmart booklet and use no coupons, you would be paying 54 cents for six bottles of shampoo after register reward. That’s pretty good too. i know it’s sort of short notice as the Register reward deals ends tomorrow. But hopefully you will be able to find the shampoo on clearance to get in on the deal and you will be able to find the Kmart coupon booklet to make it a great moneymaker.

Happy Deal hunting!

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  • Awesome find! Thanks! It looks like I will heading back into town tonight!

  • Chelsea

    I have a $6 RR from the deoderant deal. If I used that for the shampoo, do you think I would still get another $RR?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Chelsea

    No it won’t print since it is still the same deal (unilever) just different product.

  • I made SO much $$ in RR this week doing this deal! Have enough Sunsilk to clean the heads of everyone I know, LOL!

  • Jennifer

    So…the RR ends tomorrow? Does that mean we will still have an opportunity to get the deal tomorrow, or do we have to do it tonight by midnight? TIA

    • Jennifer,
      The deal ends tomorrow at midnight.


  • heidi

    I have SO much too! Think I will donate a lot to our church food pantry! Thanks for the heads up about this great deal!

  • Amanda

    Thanks! My mom, sister and I each went and got 6 bottles a piece. We love your site!

  • Molly

    I was able to go and get 6 bottles, without coupons, but still, that’s a great deal. I could have gone to KMart and gotten the coupon book but it’s on the opposite side of town :-). Thanks so much for posting!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you!

  • Chriscia

    I did a combo of clearance Degree (1.09- .75 Q) and the sunsilk. It worked great!

  • Sheila

    I was at Walgreens yesterday, saw the clearanced items and walked on by thinking it wasn’t a good enough deal–until I saw your post about the RR. So this morning I went back, bought 6, used $5.50 in RR and received $6 more RR. Thanks sooo much for the info!!

  • Torrie

    Is this deal at Kmart or Walgreens?

  • Nina

    The Walgreens in Maryville is completely sold out of Sunsilk 🙁

  • Rhonda GreenBarron

    Score! I usually miss out on clearance items, but there were exactly 6 shampoos left when I got there this afternoon. I made a quick dash into K-Mart (right across the street) and picked up 3 coupon booklets (yes, I asked if I could have three…the customer service person looked at me like I was nuts and said “take whatever you want, who cares.” Hee! For once the surly attitude I receive at K-Mart pays off for me). My filler items for today (rolling RRs) were Tuff papertowels, on special for $0.59. I feel like not a penny was wasted today:-)

    Thanks so much for posting this deal!


  • Sarah

    I got the last 6 Sunsilks at my Walgreens…what a great deal! Thanks for posting!

  • Annie

    Thanks so much Mercedes for posting this deal. I went to Walgreen in Northern CA and got 4 Sunsilk and 2 degree-clearance with 1 of 75 cents degree coupon. I couldn’t believe I actually got $6 RR back. 🙂

  • gretchen

    I think all the sunsilks were gone at my Wags today…Were the clearanced sunsilks in a special area of the store or in the shampoo aisle at your store? I didn’t see any at my store but was just curious if these were in your clearance area. thks!

  • Deanna

    Woot woot! I actually got in on the sunsilk deal. There weren’t any Degree left so i got 6 of them. All but 2 of mine had full size mousse or other freebies attached! Great deal!

  • Sienna

    I found the ones with the free full-sized hairspray attached – woohoo!

  • Heather

    I went to one Walgreens a town over (there are none in my city) and got 6 bottles (with couponse) for $1.16. Used by gift card from rebates last month. Then, went over to the other Walgreens in that town, they weren’t marked clearance. I had them check… they had them for $2.99! So I passed. But, the next day a couple of towns over I hit up another one and got 6 more bottles for $1.16. Awesome! Thank you so much for posting this deal!

  • The $6 RR deal is over now right? I just found the booklet tonight at my local Kmart!