Super Double Coupons at Kmart 11/30-12/6

The next round of super doubles at Kmart is scheduled to start this coming Sunday and last all the way through Saturday 11/6. To find whether your local store is participating you can check out on their website. Just enter your zipcode to view your local ad for next week. The super doubles are advertised on the front page.

To help you get your deals together I recenty found out that Hotcouponworld has put together a price book for Kmart. In addition next week ad has already been matched with coupons you can use. Check it out here.

Happy shopping!

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, Thanks for the tip! I’ve never tried this at Kmart before, do you know the limit on how many coupons per transaction?

  • Bethany

    Thanks so much! According to the sales ad, my store is finally doing this! yay!

    Do you remember the limit of coupons per transaction? Is it 4 per item and maybe 75 per transaction? I cannot find where I read that before and I’m just going on memory.

    Happy shopping to you too!

  • Briana @ Bargain Briana

    Bethany, you are correct. On the front page of the ad states 4 per item and 75 per transaction.

  • Emily

    Can you clarify the 4 coupons per item rule? I’m a little confused. Thanks!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Emily,
    You can use up tp four of the same coupons (one per item of course) per day at Kmart.
    I hope that helps,