Super Doubles Back at Kmart 2/22-2/28


Great News!! Super Doubles are coming back to Kmart next week.  for a while Kmart was emailing customers who inquired about future super doubles that they had suspended the promotion indefinitely.  Luckily they have decided to bring it back, at last one more time.  So, if you are lucky and your store is participating you may want to take advantage of it.  I will share what freebies can be had later this week.

I called Kmart to get the complete list of participating stores but Customer Service couldn’t email it to me.  But people at HCW have been emailing Kmart and one of the forum members has compiled the reported participating stores in the list here.  Check it out if your store is participating next week.  Don’t hesitate to confirm this information by calling customer service at 1-866-KMART-4U or email

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  • This is great news!

  • leigh

    cant wait to see the list of goodies to be gotten!

  • ashleyD!

    Fort Smith, Arkansas is confirmed as having the deals as well! My coupon buddy received email confirmation!

  • Lisa Fischer

    sweet! My MN store is on the list!! Can’t wait!

  • Marna Perez

    Does the double coupons include all of Wisconsin’s KMART’S? Thank you.

    • Hi Marna, No it doesn’t. Check out the list to see if your store is included.


  • Heather

    Yay! Double coupon opportunities are few and far between where I live in WA state! Can’t wait to see the good deals!

  • Christine

    Did it for the last time they had double coupons, & hope to do it next week as well, since my daughter’s on school vacation week & there’s a dollar store as well in the same plaza as well. Thank’s for the information.

  • lena

    I called the Kmart customer service number, and the following Kmart stores in Colorado are participating:

    Colorado Springs
    Glenwood Springs
    Fort Collins
    Grand Junction
    Denver — This includes many Kmart stores in Denver, and some of the surrounding suburbs (including Brighton).

  • Jennifer

    I just looked at the list and did not see any near me so if anyone hears that Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio come up please post!!!

  • Amanda

    I just got a flier for the Morgantown, West Virginia store. They are participating until Sunday. No internet coupons accepted though, but still an opportunity for some great savings!