Swagbucks Code Alert

Check your Swagbucks toolbar for a free Swagcode.  It is worth one point and it expires at 9 PM PST tonight.

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  • Annette

    How do I see where this is?

  • Jenny

    Annette, I have the toolbar and was also confused. I found it. In the middle of the tool bar, there is an envelope that contains your messages, pull that down and it will say “Have you seen this Swagstakes” that is where your code will be.

  • wendy

    I’ve downloaded the toolbar many times and still can’t get that envelope icon! Grrr! I’ve asked for help from swagbucks and didn’t get an answer. Just emailed them again…we’ll see. I have the words “From TSG” on the toolbar, but no envelope. When I click on the words, I get a drop down box that is always empty. Bummer. 🙂

  • basicmoneytips.com

    I have a swagbucks accoount, great way to get free stuff. However, just takes a long time to accumulate any significant points.

  • Annette

    Yep, I do have the Toolbar and the envelope, and I can see the message, but when I click on the message, it doesn’t do anything. Will have to try the next time! Thanks for the tips all!

  • Joanne L.

    I do not have a message in my toolbar. I never get a message in my toolbar!

  • alwaysjas

    couldnt find it anywhere not even on the toolbar??