Sweet Diaper Deal at Jewel Osco thru 1/7

Jewel-Osco chain of grocery stores currently has two catalina promotions going on:

  1. Buy $25 in participating products and get a coupon for $5 off your next order (ends 1/7)
  2. Buy $30 in participating products and get three coupons for $5 off your next order (ends 1/14)

I have been following this thread on HCW and it turns out that Pampers Jumbo packs are included in both offers and the catalinas are overlapping.  If you buy three jumbo packs of Pampers, you will get $20 in catalinas off your next order back!  That’s less than $3.50 a pack!  Don’t forget to use the $1/1 coupon from 12/28 Procter & Gamble insert.  The best part about this is that you can “roll” these catalinas or use one generated from a previous transaction to pay for the next.  This is an incredible deal to stockpile on diapers.

Happy Savings!

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  • Kate

    Wow! Thanks… Also, they are doing a deal right now that gives you $15 back if you buy $30 of Tide ($11.47), Bounty ($10), or Charmin (12.99). I’ve done it twice already! Do you know if the Easy Ups work for this diaper deal?

  • Hi Kate,
    Yes the pampers are part of the Tide/Bounty deal.
    I don’t know if the Easy Ups work but someone on HCW said they have requested the list of working UPCs. If you can wait you can see if that one is included. or you can buy and return if they are not.

  • Jan

    Do you know if Albertson’s is doing the same since they are in the same corporation? We only have Albertson’s in Texas.

    I love your web site

  • Betsy

    I have the same question as Jan. I’d love to go stock up on diapers, but don’t want to have to deal with returning them if it doesn’t work at Albertsons.


  • Marcia

    I wish I had a Jewel by me. This would work great to get to the $50 in P&G products and send in for the $120 worth of P&G coupons!!!

  • Jan and Betsy,

    I know Shaws is having the same deal, but it seems at Albertson’s it’s on the Horizon,

  • Also — each of the jumbo packs I got today had $1.50 coupon in them for any jumbo pack or larger, which gives $4.50 in coupons towards the next deal! 🙂

  • Kate

    I just paid $7.00 for 3 packs of Pampers! Thanks!

  • liz

    When you say you can roll the catalinas, does that mean you can use the catalinas generated buying the tide/pampers to buy more tide/pampers, and get even more catalinas? If so, that’s an AWESOME deal.

  • Alli

    Thanks so much for this tip! I went this morning and bought 15 packs of Pampers for about $60 and still have $20 to roll! The cashiers were cheering me on by the end. They couldn’t believe what a deal it was and had no clue about it. Thanks!

  • I hope this same deal is at Cub! I know sometimes the deals overlap, and we have the $15 back when you buy $30, but to get an extra $5 back would be fabulous!

  • liz

    Fyi, the jewel’s near me now will not allow you to roll the catalina’s towards more diapers. In fact, they’ve coded their self-checkouts to require verification of ALL coupons used. It won’t let you cash out until a manager comes with a key, takes out the coupons, and looks over every single one. They wouldn’t let me use ANY coupons to get diapers, not even manufacturer’s, saying you can use coupons on a deal that gives you more coupons. I wish I lived near one of these nice stores where the cashiers cheer you on, but in Des Plaines, Skokie, and Park Ridge, Il, they just cop an attitude!

  • Liz~

    Try the one in Evanston near McCormick. They are much nicer. I live in Skokie and work in PR and Skokie is one of the worst. Also visit jillcataldo.com for local issues on coupons. They make up rules as they go along. Corporate numbers are great to carry as are the coupon policies of the stores.

  • Alli

    That’s so frustrating. The one I went to that cheered me on was at Irving Park and Cicero (six corners). It’s not too far from the suburbs you listed if you want to try it!

  • Michelle

    Liz – Have you tried the Jewel on Dempster and Greenwood in Niles? That one they have let me do this deal without trouble. I had trouble at the one at Golf & Milwaukee, but the manager eventually let me through.

  • Leah

    I have been to all three of these Jewels for the Pampers deal with no problems whatsoever:
    in Niles at Milwaukee & Oakton
    in Niles/Lincolnwood(?) Touhy & Central
    in Niles at Dempster & Greenwood
    Good luck!

  • liz

    Thanks for the tips! I will try the one in Niles at Dempster & Greenwood. I should have known better about the one in Skokie. Do you ladies know if these stores generally allow printable coupons? Because I have had zero luck getting any of the Jewels around me to accept them. I got the manager of the one at Golf and Milwaukee to accept them *once*, but she hassled me even about the ones I printed off the Jewel website! I mean, really now…

  • Alli

    I’ve never had a problem with the internet coupons at the stores in the city. Good luck in Niles! Hope it works!

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  • Sara

    Wish there was a store near me!
    I need some diapers!!!

    Anyone know of any stores near 24012 that would be doing this?
    I hunted and only found this store in Illinois.

    Id be willing to travel an hour or so for a trunk full of diapers at that price!

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