Sweet Leapfrog Toys Deal at Target

Last week I wrote about the Leapfrog manufacturer coupons you can get when you sign up and build a learning path for your child. We love Leapfrog toys for our children so when I read that some of the fridge toys were on temporary price cut I signed up and printed the Leapfrog coupons and the Target Leapfrog fridge toy coupon and headed to the store.

I found the Leapfrog fridge DJ and the Leapfrog Fridge Talk Magnetic Recorder for $14.99 each. after manufacturer and target coupons I paid $6.99 each. The best part is that these are toys that both my sons will love. Right now they are having fun with the fridge letters and the farm animals set.

Other favorites here include: Leapfrog Fish Letters, Little Leaps, Learning Lily, Word Launch, Learning table and more. I am not joking when I say that we love Leapfrog toys.

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  • Jenni

    I signed up with Leapfrog but never got my coupons :(. Did they come right away?

  • Mercedes

    Hi jenni,
    Mine took about 48 hrs to get to my inbox. You may want to make sure the message didn’t end up in your spam folder. Some email providers have pretty strict spam screeners.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the Leapfrog website is down now 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I was lucky and got the Leapfrog letters at a garage sale for $.50!! The only thing was that it was missing a couple letters. Pretty sweet deal though!

  • looney

    They are discontinuing many of the the items and are going to be concentrating on their new “TAG” system–pen and books instead of case.
    I found the system we have broke fairly quickly, perhaps the new Tag system will be better.

  • marybeth at www.babygoodbuys.com

    Thanks! I love the fridge toys so I’ll definitely be using this!

  • Bezen Hindistan

    I signed up but never received my coupons. I just called the customer service and they gave me a coupon code for one of the toys listed to use online. When I asked for the actual coupon csr told me that this promotion is for online shopping only. I am very dissapointed:(

  • CC

    Love Leapfrog. Wrote about them being some of the best toys we’ve every gotten here. thanks for the coupon info. I’ll check it out!