Synovate and Pinecone Want You to Sign Up

I shared just a few days ago with you that both Synovate and Pinecone Research are looking for members.  I received an email from them yesterday asking me to please letthose of you who have not signed up know that they are still accepting applications.  If you thought all the spots were taken they are NOT.  They are seriously looking for people and they want you to apply.

Sign up for Synovate Global Research Panels here.  You will also find thoughts of others who had tried synovate before here and here.

Sign up for Pinecone Research here and you can find other users’ experiences here.

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  • I’m always a little worried about providing so much of my personal information…any thoughts?

  • the money paradise

    thanks for such a wonderful information. i always wanted to be on the panel of synovate.
    Thanks again