Target: 4 Rolls of Scott Bath Tissue for 64 Cents

In need of some toilet paper?  Well check out this great deal at Target right now:

Scott Bath Tissue (4 rolls), $3.64- 3.99 –Price cut
Use $1/1 Scott Bath Tissue or Scott Towels (IE) Printable (FF)
Stack with $2/1 Scott Bath Tissue TARGET coupon (coupon no longer available)
Pay $0.64 ea. after coupons

This is a great price for toilet paper, so if you need it print your coupons and head to Target.

Thanks Give Me Neither!

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  • pennyscents

    Does anybody know when this price cut price is good through?

  • Amber

    It appears to acutally be only a $1 coupon on target site…

    • Amber,
      The coupon is not on the Target site. It is a red plum coupon. Did you click on the link I provided?


  • sarah

    the price @the Gaines Twp (49548) store is $3.99……still a good price!

  • christa

    Nice! Those rolls last a long time.

  • Dave

    Does anyone know if this includes the extra soft or is this deal only on the regular scott?

    • stephanie

      None of my Target’s carry Extra Soft in 4 packs (both coupons are good on any variety of Scott bath tissue though).

      The price cut is not national; I picked some up today and it was $3.99.

  • amber g

    My closest Target had 2 packs for 3.79. I asked a friend to check when she went to her Target and they only had 2 packs as well for 3.99.

  • pennyscents

    I am still trying to figure out if this price cut is just through this week, or not? I am done shopping for this week, but if it is through next week too I will go ahead & print the coupons to save them for next week.

    Usually the price cut dates are right on the yellow tag. I can’t see the dates in this picture, though.

  • Kristina


    If the price cut is not through next week…the 4 rolls will still only be 99 cents…a GREAT deal and only 35 cents more. I say SPLURGE next week and relax! Some people take this couponing thing to the next level. RELAX

    Much love-


    • pennyscents

      Hey Kristina,
      Thanks for the info. I was definitely not going to run out for the T.P. deal this week. I figured if it was just for this week, then it wasn’t meant to be for me! I just didn’t want to print out the coupons if the price cut was going to end. If it’s still going to be $3.99 (reg price) next week, then I can go ahead & print them. I know I will already be going to Target next week for some things that I need to pick up.

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  • Jen

    Thanks for posting this. Down to my last roll and have been looking for a deal!!

  • Maria S.

    This tissue isn’t the softest, or very sturdy (at least for me), but an AWESOME deal.
    I’m so glad I still have 3 large packs of Cottonelle (I love this soft, nu fuzz, tissue), left from the Randalls deal several months ago. I would have just 3-4 more but I couldn’t store them anywhere without making someone here mad.
    I think I’ll definitely try to get this deal to donate, it feels good, and I involve my 5 year old too.
    Thank you for posting this GREAT scenario, I would have never seen it without you 🙂

  • Erika

    The Redplum coupon is now gone. Just wanted to update you.

  • Susan

    That is the thinnest toilet paper ever made, FYI! I bought the 4 pack for 99 cents, but can’t wait til its all used up!

  • Gina

    I can’t find the coupon in Red Plum for $2.00 off the Scott toilet paper?


    • hi Gina,
      the coupon is no longer available.