Target: 75% off Holiday Clearance

I just wanted to give you the heads up that some Target stores have already marked down their holiday items as much as 75% off.  I made a SUPER quick trip to my local store to use some coupons expiring tomorrow and found a TON of stuff.

The $1 Spot was pretty much still full and everything that was Holiday was only 25 cents.  I bought a few things for use as birthday party favors.  I found a lot of Hello Kitty, Disney princess and Cars pencils, pens, erasers, lip balms and more, everything 25 cents per item.

Back in the Holiday section I found the play-doh in the candy cane container.  What a score! $1.25 for a tube with 10 mini containers.  These are gonna be great for birthday favors or to pass around for Halloween.

My store still had a LOT of decorations.  I may have to go back because I just remembered my mom asked me to get her some things.  Oh well, maybe this time I will have more time to browse.  I had a Dr.’s appointment so I rushed through.

What kind of deals have you found?

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  • coupondafna

    The candy at my store is still only marked down 30%, but other food items are 50% and non-food items are 75% off. I tried to use up my coupons that expire12/31 when I went in to Target today, and really scored on holiday Kleenex and Puffs boxes (which are now 75% off), as well as the holiday gift sets of Planters Nuts (which are 50% off, but you can use the $2 off of 2 Target coupons to get each box down to $1.25, which is a great price for these). Lots of cake/cookie decorations, etc. as well. It might still be worthwhile to buy the candy while the selection is still good if you have good coupons (I used up a bunch of Hershey Kisses coupons today — both mfr and Target — to get each bag for about 20 cents). I made sure to buy fairly generic ones that aren’t in holiday paper, and totally plan to use these in the upcoming months!!!!

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    • Christine

      My Target in Longview, Texas was 75% off!
      I got a long sleeve shirt for $2
      Fudge covered oreos for 69cents and chocolate covered ritz for 69 cents too – used a $1.00 off 2 nabisco coupon to get them for 19 cents a piece.
      The best thing i found was a Tag Junior book called “Christmas in the Manger” for $1.24 and I had a $3 off Tag book coupon and it worked!! Did not even beep!! WOOHOO!!!

  • steph

    I was at our Target, Simpsonville, SC and everything was still 50% off. Everything is 50% off in the Christmas section 🙂 Maybe tomorrow for us 🙂 I’m holding out for it!!

  • VIckie Jones

    I made a quick run into ours to score the Scott toliet paper and it was still 30 on toys and 50 on XMAS major bummed

  • The Penny Hoarder

    The candy at my grocery store is only marked 50% off, but I’ll be heading to Target tomorrow to stock up on next years’s Christmas supplies.

  • Blaire Ruch

    still 50% off in Topeka, KS tonight 🙁

  • LSU TIger

    Ran into Target just to check out the Christmas Clearance. The signs said 50% but everything was scanning 75% off. Bought several “hat boxes” I pack those all year ’round for teacher gifts next year. The shirt boxes were in packs of 3 and scanned 50 cents. Bought 5 extension cords that were marked down to $1.00. We always need extension cords. I scanned the muffin tins and they were showing $1.25. They had dozens. So I decided to hold out and wait for the 90% markdown. Also scanned the amarylllis and they were scanning at 50%. $2.49 each. Decided to wait for them to go lower. They had dozens of them, too. Funny but I’ve never really been a Christmas Clearance shopper. This year, however, I’m enjoying it.

    Oh and I gave away all my candy coupons to a lady on the candy aisle. I am DONE with the sugar. And I have tight jeans to prove it.

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  • Sandra

    still 50% on the 30th in mid MI

  • Kelly

    Does anyone know if this is Target and Walmart’s last markdown for Christmas stuff, or should we see 90% before they all get tossed?

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