Target: Bed Pillows for $0.50!

I am loving all the new Target coupons available today!  One of the new coupons available is for $2 off select bed pillows.  Some of the pillows the coupon is good for sell for as low as $2.50.  Use this coupon and pay only 50 censt for a pillow.  What a steal!  Perfect for having extras for houseguests.

Thanks, Saving with Shellie!

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  • Amber

    Is there a limit on this? I can’t see one stated on the coupon itself….

    • Amber,
      You can only use one target coupon per item. So it would depend how many Target coupons you can get.


  • Emily

    I’m finding not all Targets are priced the same. I went to one this morning and bought a few pillows and went to a SuperTarget a few miles away and they were charging $4.05 for the same pillow.

  • Tanaya

    The least expensive Room Essentials pillow I found was $4.04. I still bought one – $2.04 is still a pretty good price and my son was in need of a new pillow.