Target: Bissell Cleaner Deal


Target has the following Bissell cleaners on sale this week for $149, get a $25 Target gift card when you buy one: Bissell ProHeat Deep Cleaner and Bissell Pet Hair Eraser dual-cyclonic vacuum. Both cleaners also have a $20 rebate available on them.  After rebate and gift card you end up paying $104 for one.

Just to give you an idea: Amazon has the Bissell ProHeat for $149 and the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser dual-cyclonic vacuum for $147.  I have owned a Bissell ProHeat for three years now and it has gotten us out of a lot of trouble with two kids and two dogs.  They are just great for keeping your carpet clean without the expense of getting a professional cleaner or renting a machine.  If you are looking for something easier to carry around I also recommend the Bissell Little Green Cleaner.

Thanks Vicky!

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  • jen

    is it a regular vacuum too or just for steam cleaning?

  • Heather

    It’s just for steam cleaning. I’ve owned one of these for a few years and love it!

  • Wow! The Target’s Bissell vacuum cleaner is truly a great deal–if you can get it for $104 after rebates,etc. I would imagine that anything that does steam cleaning would cost a lot more. If I wanted to rent a steam vacuum cleaner for one day, it would cost at least $40.

    Thanks for bringing this sweet deal to my attention.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just picked the ProHeat one up today. I got this cleaner for $64, including tax, after rebates and gift cards!! (I had a $50 gift card to use toward the purchase that I earned from doing Mypoints). I had someone come out last week to give me an estimate on doing just my living room carpet and they said it would be $60 plus tax. I am so glad I stewed on it for a while because now I have my own cleaner for less than what getting it done once professionally would have cost. Doing a happy dance!