Target Clearance Alert: School Supplies

If you haven’t finished all of your back to school shopping, this may be the time to get school supplies cheap. Target has started clearing out their school supplies for as low as 75% off. Some stores are reportedly as low as 75% off, but I went to my store yesterday and it was still 30% but I noticed they had the Halloween stuff out already. So I am thinking the school supplies will go down to 75% real soon to make room for all of the Halloween items.
Don’t forget that school supplies includes not only books, pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes but also boxes of Kleenex or Puffs, hand sanitizers and such. Those items may have been moved to the shelves with the rest of their like product but they are usually packaged differently for this purpose and may also be ringing on clearance.

Happy Clearance Shopping!

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  • Meghan

    Is Target not the best for clearance?
    I usually pick up a bunch of stuff on clearance during the school supply markdown & use to stuff some stockings!

  • Marcy

    My store had school stuff 75% off last week and I got some steals. Hopefully yours will do the same soon! 🙂

  • Mercedes

    I saw some really eat metal lunch containers that I would love to get for my nieces. I hope I find good things.