Target Coupon Update | Now You Know Which Ones You Printed

Kind of exciting news from the Target website.  Target has updated its website and now you can tell which Target coupons you have printed and which you have not.  This is  a great update because previously we could not tell the difference and sometimes our memories failed us 😉

Now, you can tell which ones you have already printed and which ones are still available for you to print.  I wonder if this will also help us determine when a coupon has reset and we can print again?

Thanks, Living Rich with Coupons!

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  • Terri M

    I heard that Target just instructed their cashiers this week that they will only be allowed to accept one Target coupon per transaction. exp: one Sharpie coupon or one Scotch tape coupon. Has anyone else heard this? Gonna make shopping a challenge now.

    • CJ

      My trip to Target the other day, the cashier would only let me use 1 shower curtain liner per transaction but had no problem with me doing 2 transactions to get both. I thought it was just the cashier since I’d never had that happen before. If they want to waste their time with separate transactions thats fine with me as long as they let me do them.

  • Deb

    I just returned from Target. I was going to use one of the Target Web coupons and was told by the cashier that they will no longer accept these coupons if they are printed in black and white because some people are copying them!! I ALWAYS print my coupons in b&w, and, in fact, just printed out a bunch of them using several sheets of paper. And, now I can’t use any of them???

    Does anyone know anything about this? She said it was a recent policy, but I just used some last week. In addition, their website now only allows you to print the coupon once, so the ones I just printed – and can’t use – I can’t print again!