Target Deals: Free Chex Mix Plus Other Weekly Deals


Oh, how I keep forgetting that Target price matches now!  Walgreens has Chex Mix on sale this week 2/$3.  Use the $0.50/1 manufacturer coupons available on, Smartsource, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and from 9/13 SS insert.  Plus also use the $1/1 Target printable coupon to get FREE Chex Mix.  You know these would be great come the Holidays if you do any entertaining.  Thanks STL Mommy!

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  • I tried to price match at Target last week and they said I had to bring the sales ad w/ me. Has anyone else had this issue? I guess I’m just use to price matching at Walmart. They have all the sales ads. At least I know next time.

  • Kristina L.

    Yes you have to have the ad and they even check the date on the ad. I went tonight and got 12 Chex Mix for FREE!!!! Thanks so much for the Target deals. I always have a hard time finding Target deals that really work. All but one worked for me. The rolaids one didn’t work for me.

  • Austin

    How does price match at Target work? Do you go to customer service? Do they give you a slip like a rain check, do they come with you to the counter when you check out, how do they give you the price match? I’m just curious about logistics – my Target is a little bit finnicky about coupons so I want to make sure to get it right.

  • Kristina L.

    I just went to customer service with my items, coupons, and the ad. I didn’t have any problems and I bought 12 of the Chex Mix and they took 12 Target coupon and my 12 manufacturer’s coupons. All they said was that they can’t price match “with card specials”. Like CVS or Kroger card specials.

  • Austin

    Thanks, that is really helpful. Usually they give me a hard time about using coupons that are worth more than the value of the item, I have picked picked out the checkers that don’t care about that and always use them. I just printed out their coupon policy and will head to customer service tomorrow!

  • Carolyn

    Just an fyi – when I tried to use “multiple” Target coupons of the same kind for the same item, they informed me that it says something like “one coupon per transaction” in the fine print and forced me to run the like items (i.e., Chex Mix) as separate transactions. So — what I’m saying is, be careful of buying 12 Chex Mix’s cuz they might make you divide ’em up into 12 transactions (a bit time consuming!).

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  • Erika

    I dont see the chex mix in my ad, can someone tell me the page, thanks

  • Maria

    When I tried to do the price matching for the Skippy PB, I brought the Walgreens’ ad and the manager at my Target in Round Rock, TX said to me that they CAN’T do it because says 3 for $5 dlls. That they only do the price matching when says the price like $1.66 each. So they didn’t let me do it, even when I was trying to buy 3. So Sad!!

  • Laurie

    lol, Maria! maybe he just couldn’t do the math! 🙂 lmao! I’m gonna try the chex mix today here in IA. I’ll let you know how i make out!

  • Laurie

    Oh, Erika, pg 3 of ad, top left, w/ the kettlecorn and bagel chips!

  • Connie

    I tried to do the price match at Target today for the Chex Mix, but the lady said they couldn’t do it because it was advertised as 2 for $3 and they only price match if the item has an actual price, i.e. Chex Mix for $1.50. I thought it was absurd. I still got them for .25 a piece, but do you know if this is their actual policy? I mean it is obvious they are $1.50 a piece and you don’t have to buy 2.

    • That’s so ridiculous that Target is denying price match because the ad doesn’t state a per item price. I am going to see what I can find out about this.


  • erika

    Thanks Laurie. Of course thers no chex mix in my ad. No fair

  • Connie

    LOL Mercedes…I know. I was so excited too about getting them all for free. I did get all my glade candle tins and refills though and used all my coupons and got $10 back in Target cards (made $5), so all was not lost. I would like to know how they stand on this issue though because it wasn’t as if you had to buy 2 to get them for $1.50 at Walgreens.

    Erika, are you looking at the Target ad or your Walgreens ad? The Chex Mix is listed in the Walgreens ad on page 3 at the top, advertised 2 for $3.

  • erika
  • Connie

    Wow Erika, your ad is almost identical to mine…yours have the Scott towels in the upper left corner where ours has the Chex Mix. That’s too bad 🙁

  • Addy

    I did this today at Target, bought 12 chex mix for FREE, no tax! However, it was a painful experience. The girl at customer service pulled out every reason in the book why they’d refuse to do it, and kept leaving to go “ask someone”. Each time she’d return and then offer a new excuse. She said the ad didn’t state the per item price, the picture didn’t show cheddar only regular chex mix, no coupons on price match items, i can’t use internet printed coupons because I’m probably running a coupon fraud operation for .50 off my chex mix, i can’t use multiple target coupons in the same transaction, etc. She was really mean the whole time but I figured I’d already started the fight so why give up and kept very nicely telling her I thought she was wrong and showing her the coupon policy I had in my hand printed from their website. I even got an awesomely childish sarcastic smirk at the end when I said “thank you”. And after 15 minutes I finally left with my chex mix. I don’t know if it would be worth the fight to do it again, by yay!

  • Jordan

    That sounds pretty miserable Addy. I just went to my Target and was able to buy 6 bags of chex mix for free. They were actually really nice, it just took some time because they weren’t sure what they were doing. My Target web coupons did say “one per transaction” on them so they thought they had to ring up separately. But they decided to try just scanning them all in and the register took them! So just one transaction and I was happy to be out of there quickly. Oh, and the glade candle tins didn’t have the coupons in them, but i didn’t scan one to see if they were offering the gift card deal…next time!