Target Deals: Sobe Life Water, Armor All and Scrubbing Bubles Sprayer Money Maker Deals

Wow! Target just released the following coupons and there are a couple of awesome deals to be had with them. Here are the new Target coupons available on the Target Website:

  • $1 Beano exp 8/28/10
  • $1 Airwick Scented Oil exp 7/24/10
  • $3/2 Armor All products exp 8/31/10
  • $3 Avent BPA-Free Bottles exp 7/3/10
  • $1 Energizer Batteries or Flashlight exp 7/24/10
  • $1.50 GE Reveal or CFL Light Bulb exp 7/24/10
  • 50¢ Hershey’s Milk Chocolate 6-pk exp 7/24/10
  • $3.50 Huggies Diapers AND Wipes exp 7/24/10
  • $3/2 John Frieda Hair Care exp 8/31/10
  • $2 Lysol Healthy Touch System AND Refill exp 8/24/10
  • $1.50 Maxwell House Coffee exp 7/24/10
  • $2 Nivea Q10 Shave Gel or Balm exp 7/15/10
  • $3 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer exp 7/18/10
  • $1 Shout Fabric Care exp 7/18/10 (doesn’t exclude trial size, anyone want to give it a whirl and see if it works?)
  • 50¢ SoBe 20-oz. exp 7/24/10 (see moneymaker deal below)
  • $1 Tums exp 7/24/10
  • 75¢ Vaseline Lotion exp 7/24/10
  • $1 Viva Paper Towels exp 7/24/10

Here are some great deals to be had with these new coupons:

Buy ten Sobe Life waters $1 each and get back one $5 Target Gift Card
Use five B1G1 SoBe Lifewater (FF) or Printable (FF)
Use ten $0.50/1 Sobe Lifewater Target coupon
Pay $0 out of pocket and get back one $5 Target gift card

Power Sprayer Kit $8.69
Use $5/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Product printable
Use $3/1 Scrubbing Bubbles sprayer Target coupon
Pay $0.69 each after coupon

Buy 1 Armor All Wipes OR Tire Shine $4.99
Buy 1 Armor All 7 oz Tire Protectorant $7.99

Use two $2/1 Any ArmorAll printable coupon
Use one $3/2 Armor All Target coupon
Pay $5.98 plus tax out of pocket
Then submit for: Free Armor All Tire protectant rebate to get back $7.99 by mail

Clearance John Frieda Items $3.xx
Use $5/2 John Frieda Hair Product 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/5/2010)
Use $3/2 John Frieda Target printable
FREE plus possible overage after coupons

Sweet!  I may have to pay a visit to my own Target later on.

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  • Tom

    I think your math is wrong on the SOBE deal….wouldn’t you pay 2.50 oop, then get back the $5 GC? still a money maker, but those .50 coupons are only bringing the price to 2.50 not $0

    • Thanks Tom! You are right, you needed to use ten of the $0.50/1 coupons to pay zero out of pocket.


      • Tatyanna Nikolaychuk

        It says limit one on the sobe coupons. How can I use 10 of them? Do I have to make separate purchases?

  • Alicia Wolfe

    Does anyone have problems with Target’s website not recognizing your printer? It won’t let us print anything!
    If you’ve figured out the problem and how to fix it, please let me know 🙂

  • Gina

    I can’t print the Target coupons either. I’m like Alicia above! Can anyone given the both of us an idea how to print!

  • Sandra

    I had some trouble a little while back – I Think they added some printer detector or something. I noticed some coupon sites needing you to uncheck a box that says you are not saving the printing document or using like a pdf transfer program…all so people only print the one or two coupons (when really you can just copy them to get the same effect, although you can sell them more easily when you have a computer version of it) ANYWAYS, the coupons look great! Some good matches and I bet there will be more too. With the sobe coupon, I know the last time I tried one of these ‘buy 5 or buy 10’ deals, the coupon said ‘one identical deal per transaction’ or something along the lines of ‘1 coupon per transaction’. Target coupons say this sometimes, so watch out for that.

  • Amy

    For the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer, don’t forget to pick up your free SB Refill with this coupon:!

  • Mary M.

    I tried this at my Target this afternoon. They would only accept one 50 cent Target coupon because it said “Limit one identical offer per transaction.” Personally, I have no idea what that means! The 10 bottles were still free, since I paid $4.50 out of pocket and got a $5.00 gift card, but not as good a deal if they would have let me use more 50 cent Target coupons.

    • Ginny

      That means you can only use 2 of those coupons per transaction. They should have let you use use 2. Some of the Target coupons say 1 per transaction.

  • Michelle K

    Isn’t the coupon off Target’s site a $3/2 manu Q, not a Target web Q therefore you are not able to stack it with the $2 FB Q?

    • Michelle,

      There is a new Armor All coupon and this time it is a Target coupon. isn’t that great?


      • Kyallee

        Could you tell me where you found it? I just printed the one off Target’s website and it’s a manu Q.

        • Kyallee

          OK, that was weird. I printed it from a different link to the Target coupons and now it’s a store Q…

  • Lisa

    I’ve been to Target’s site and I am not finding the Sobe coupons! Have they been pulled already??

    • Lisa

      I’ve been to Target’s site and I am not finding the Sobe coupons! Have they been pulled already??

      OOPS! Never mind… I found them… just didn’t look hard enough!

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  • $1 Shout Fabric Care WORKED for the trial size – the $0.97 wipes.

    • Angela,

      It didn’t beep at all? Thank you so muh for trying.


  • Jayne

    Target will not take the Sobe coupons at my store. (I work there.) I have explained to them how some people use these as a “money maker,” and they have shared it with all the Targets in our district.

  • Jayne You’re Jealous and a Hater

    Seriously? Use the coupons as a “money maker?” How about being a SMART shopper? You ruin things for those who actually need to score a good deal, legally, and using their brain to outsmart a multi-million dollar corporation like Target.

  • shannon

    I don’t think that Target corporate would agree with your local store’s decision. They already know that people are going to combine the target coupons with the MQ’s. (That’s why they put them out there.) They already know that they will break even or maybe even lose a dollar, but that is how they get you in their store and in the long run they will make money off of most people. And the few people they don’t make money on…they don’t care! The good still out weighs the bad.

  • Why is Jayne here?

    If all you want to do it ruin it for others, you’re pretty pathetic. Who appointed you the coupon police? Oh well, tell it to the 50 bottles of Sobe and $25 in gift cards I already got from Target!